Dear Daylily Friends,

Welcome to our 2020 website.   As always, we thank each of you for your interest in our daylilies, for purchasing 
plants from us, and for visiting our AHS display garden.   This year we are introducing seven daylilies of our own.   These are all pictured in this website under "2020 Introductions" We hope you will like them as much as we do.  The total if purchased individually is $725, but the entire collection can be acquired for $600.   Gift certificates are available for these or any others from our listing.

Over the past few years, we've been taking pictures of most of the 2,500+ daylilies we grow, so we're able to post these images in our Daylily Listing, hoping this will be helpful to you in choosing those you like.  We try to keep it up to date regarding additional daylilies or those sold out.

We are a small family-operated garden who do the digging and packing ourselves.  We grow all types of daylilies, 
from the older varieties to some of the newest.  We LOVE having visitors, but do ask that you call ahead so we 
won’t miss you.  Please find directions to our garden here.  Our peak bloom season is mid-May and June, and then 
we have reblooms all summer.  If you’d like to contact us, please try via e-mail or by phone after dark.

We ship from March to October 15; indicate your preferred date.  Please inquire if you'd like your daylilies shipped 
in July & August, our hottest months.  Plants are shipped by Priority Mail at $12.00 plus $.50 per DF plant.  Our minimum order is $25 (plus shipping).  Plants are state inspected, healthy and true to name.  If dissatisfied, please return them immediately with original labels for full refund.  Double fans (DF) are sent with every order, and gift plants are included with every order.  Please let us know if we may substitute on any that might be sold out, or a refund will be sent.  Substitutions are always of equal or greater 
value than that ordered.

And don't forget, check out our dear friend, Coral Kincaid's website-- Nova Scotia Daylilies --it's great!

Again, we thank you for your support and encouragement.  We are so grateful to God for His continued blessings 
and for allowing us to make so many wonderful friends through this passion of ours, the daylily!  As we try to do, 
let's all continue to work toward creating "Peace On Earth".

                                                                                        Jim & Mary Netherton 

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