Hello Everyone from Nova Scotia!

We have some exciting updates for the AHS Regional 4 Conference this summer being held in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

Please don't forget to register before the early bird deadline of Friday May 25th!


Announcing our Friday Night Speaker - Michael Falconer, Falhaven Farm in Ontario

Michael has always been an avid gardener and attributes this passion to his late paternal grandmother whom he followed around the garden at a very young age. Over the years he has collected irises, lilies, dahlias, glads and many spring bulbs but his true passion has become daylilys and hostas . In true Canadian fashion he has been crossbreeding northern to southern and has used plants from well known hybridizers such as Bill Waldrop, Pat Stamile, Frank Smith, Larry Grace, Phil Korth, Jack Carpenter, Karol Emmerich, Bryan Culver and Henry Lorrain. He is a member of the Ontario Daylily Society and currently serves as Vice President of ODS and of course he is also a member of AHS and enjoys attending as many Nationals as possible to tour the gardens and make new friends in the daylily world. Michael looks forward to sharing his passion of the flower we all love from Falhaven Farm on " Ontario’s West Coast."

Two Tour Gardens added to the agenda for Saturday!

Cecil and Lilian Dunlap - Pheasant Gardens, Truro NS

Pheasant Gardens is owned by Cecil & Lillian Dunlap located in Truro, NS. The land we purchased in 2007 was devoid of trees and topsoil. After many truckloads of topsoil, compost and horse manure, we began building the gardens. In the beginning, Cecil would travel from Halifax to work in the gardens, and then we built our home and moved to Truro in 2010. Our garden name was chosen because we were constantly visited by two cock pheasants while we constructed the gardens. Currently we grow 650 plus registered daylilies, along with Cecil’s half dozen seedling bed.


Norm and Heather Patton - Sight for Sore Eyes Garden - Truro, NS

This compact residential garden has a foundation of gravelled pathways, conifers, boxwood, barberry hedges, & Japanese maples, among wooden structures. All designed in concert to highlight 15 years of daylily & perennial plantings.

Various pieces of garden art contrast between the seamless blend and strikingly visual, to enhance the viewing experience. Stroll the many paths and relax at seating venues as you absorb sights & sounds in what some have suggested …’a garden of little rooms’