Nova Scotia Daylilies

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* indicates plant is Tetraploid

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Year of Registration

Foliage Habit


Height of Scape  Size of flower Description

AHS Awards Received

TACO TWISTER $8 Spider Ratio 4.35:1 Roberts N 1997 Sev ML 28 7.5 Yellow self. HM 2007
*TALL ANNIE $10 Becker-Schaben 2007 Dor M 30 5 Cerise red with lighter watermarked eye above rich green throat. ((Chance Encounter x Remembering Joan) x Seattle Dreaming)
TALON $8 UF Crispate Roberts N 1997 Sev EM 25 6.5 Purple self with a yellow throat. HM 2004
Sold Out
Double 99% Herrington T 2006 Dor EM 35 5.25 Fragrant. Tangerine carroty blend above green throat. (Balls of Red x Fluttering Beauty)

UF Crispate
Ball L 2010 Dor M 40 5.75 Fragrant. Muted medium rose claret with large light yellow eye and wire edge above yellow green throat. (Twist of Lemon (Cameroons sdlg))
*TEDDY BEARS PICNIC $10 Moldovan 2005 Sev M 40 6 Light chocolate with velvet purple eye and creamy edge above lemon green throat. (Widow's Walk x Tet. Trahlyta) AM 2009
TENNESSEE KICKING BIRD $8 Tennessee Kicking Bird10 (Medium).jpg (330401 bytes) Oakes 1995 Dor M 28 8 Fragrant. Raspberry self with greenish yellow throat.
*TENNYSON $10 Trimmer 1999 Dor EM 26 4.5 Pink polychrome above yellow green throat. (JANET GORDON SUMMER BLUSH) HM 2005



Superb plant habit





35 5 Yellow self. (Tetrina x Moon Temple)
*TEXAS BIG RED $15 Carpenter-J 2006 Dor E 27 7.5 Fragrant. Red self above green throat. (Red Loveliness x Out Back Red)
*THE FULL MONTY $10 Mason M 2000 Sev ML 28 7 Deep rose pink self above green throat. (sdlg Song of Africa) HM 2010
THE JURY'S OUT $8 Apps D 2000 Dor L 33 4.5 Yellow self. (Final Touch x Slim Pickings) HM 2008
THE SISTERS $10 THE SISTERS14 (Medium).JPG (266622 bytes) UF Crispate Bachman 2008 Sev EM 29 7.5  Lilac lavender with darker lavender halo and light midribs above deep green throat. (Gail Braunstein (Beautiful Edgings Jan's Twister)) JC 2008
*THE TRIBBLE WITH BLUE $20 THE TRIBBLE WITH BLUE 16.JPG (61871 bytes) Derrow 2011 Dor - 18 
(taller here on initial bloom)
5.75 Cream white petals, violet blue eyezone with surrounding magenta band, triple edge of white, violet blue, and magenta, heavier rebloom on taller scapes. (Regal Braid x Point of Divergence)
*THIN MAN $10 UF Cascade Trimmer 2002 Ev M 42 12 Bright red self above yellow green throat. (sdlg Long Tall Sally) HM 2006, AM  2009,
Lambert/Webster 2008
Lenington 2013
THIRD WITCH $8 Spider Ratio 4.40:1 Reed 2003 Dor M 44 6 Black red with slightly darker eye above green throat. HM 2012
*THREE DIAMONDS $10 Whatley 1986 Dor M 27 6 Dark red with green throat. (Chucalissa x Tet. Christmas Is) HM 1994
THREE SEASONS $8 Sobek 1990 Dor EE 21 2.63 Light yellow self with very small green throat. (Suzie Wong Bitsy)  
Sold Out
UF Crispate Gossard  2007 Dor M 34 7.5 Fragrant. Light pink with striking red eye and tooth edge. ((Raspberry Butterflies x Raspberry Griffin) x (Born Too Late x Crocodile Smile)) HM 2016
TICK TOCK $8 Hardy Mrs WT 1956 Dor ML 26 n/a Gold self. [(sdlg Boutonniere) sdlg] HM 1964
*TICKLE ME ELMO $10 TICKLE ME ELMO 16 (Medium).JPG (196685 bytes) Pickles 2009 Sev M 29 5.5 Gold self. (Antique Fringe x Forestlake Ragamuffin)
*TIGER CUB $10 Culver B 2001 Dor M 26 4 Orange with red eye above yellow throat. (Strawberry Candy x Bold Tiger)
*TIGER ON STILTS $10 Tiger On Stilt,s (Medium).jpg (160431 bytes) Mason M 2003 Dor ML 42 5 Tangerine coral blend with rose red eye above gold to deep green throat. (Sun's Shadow x Don Stevens) HM 2010



Spider Ratio 5.68:1





34 6 Bronze orange spider with black orange chevron eyezone above gold to green throat. (Black Plush Kindly Light) HM 2004
Sold Out
Carpenter J 2006 Dor L 29 7 Fragrant. Mauve with yellow edge above green throat. (Rushing Delight x sdlg)
*TIMELESS TRUTH $10 Emmerich 2007 Dor ML 30 5.5 Fragrant. Deep pink lavender with gray lavender band and grape and gray lavender ivory edge above yellow to green throat. (Heartbeat of Heaven Way of Life)  
*TOO HOT TO HANDLE $10 Moldovan 2007 Dor M 32 6 Red orange blend above yellow gold throat. (Velvet Beads Startle)
TOODLELOO KANGAROO $8 UF Crispate Reed 2003 Dor ML 44 7 Gold yellow with wine chevron eye above green throat.  
*TOPGUNS ALICE LANGLEY $10 Scott B 2001 Dor M 26 6.5 Fragrant. Light cream with purple eye and edge above green throat. (Chicago Picotee Memories x Pirate's Patch)
*TOPGUNS BLOOMING MACHINE $10 UF Crispate Scott B 2006 Dor E 40 7 Dark red with darker eye above lime green throat. (sdlg sdlg)  
$10 Topguns Candy Cane13 (2) (Medium).JPG (260529 bytes) UF Crispate Scott B 2005 Dor EM 36 7 Red orange with yellow border and gold edge above lime green throat. (sdlg Tet. Spindazzle)
*TOPGUNS WHITE KNIGHT $10 Topguns White Knight (2) (Medium).jpg (178827 bytes) Scott B 2004 Dor ML 28 6 Near white self above green throat. (sdlg sdlg)  
TORNADO BIRD $15 Tornado Bird 2011 (Medium).JPG (224123 bytes) UF Cascade Gossard 2008 Dor M 35 7 Fragrant. Near white self. (Heavenly Curls Skinwalker)
*TORPEDO FISH $15 TORPEDO FISH 2018 (Medium).JPG (235681 bytes) TORPEDO FISH 16 (Medium).JPG (341828 bytes)
UF Crispate-Cascade
Gossard 2011 Dor M 42 10 Fragrant. Lavender magenta purple with a green throat. (Cameroons Twister x Webster's Pink Wonder)
TRAHLYTA $8 Childs-F 1982 Dor EM 30 6.5 Very fragrant. Grayed violet with dark purple eyezone and green throat. AM 2004
HM 2001
Lenington 2009
TRICKSTER $10 Trickster.jpg (93422 bytes) UF Crispate-Cascade, Double 98% Tankesley-Clarke 2004 Sev M 35 5 Orange gold blend with red orange eye above large yellow green throat. (Carrot Crest x Volcano Tankesley-Clarke) HM 2008
Spider Ratio 5.50:1
Reed M 1996 Dor M 46 8 Rosy grape with dark purple eyezone and lemon yellow throat. (Trahlyta Fol de Rol) HM 2005
*TROPICAL TEMPTATION $10 Webster 2006 Dor M 34 10 Melon self above green throat. (Cosmic Ray x Risen Star)
*TRULY ANGELIC $10 Rice J 1998 Dor M 26 5.5 Mauve rose with lavender watermark pink eye and gold edge above green throat. (Angel's Smile x True Grit)
TRY IT $8 Try.It.jpg (146813 bytes) Childs F 1972 Dor EM 25 6 Red blend with green gold throat  
*TUXEDO JUNCTION $10 Schwarz-B 1999 Dor M 30 7 Parchment with pink edges above olive throat. (Elegant Finale x Lavender Light)
TWICE AS NICE $8 Double 100% Herrington T 1999 Dor VL 26 5 Fragrant. Lavender pink blend with bold purple eye and edge above yellow green throat. ((Big Kiss x Extra Ingredient) x sldg x Grandma's Cupcake)) HM 2008
ESF 2012
*TWIRLING WINGS $10 Twirling Wings.clump (Small).jpg (80318 bytes) UF Crispate George T 2004 Sev M 42 10 Red bitone above green throat. ((sdlg x Lavender Light) x Long Tall Sally)
TWO TO TANGO $8 Double Stamile G 1996 Sev EM 20 3 Salmon rose blend with green throat. (Dragons Eye x You Angel You) HM 2003
TYLWETH TEG $8 Spider Ratio 4.60:1 Whitacre 1988 Sev M 40 8 Pale cream rainbow polychrome spider type with lavender midribs and pale gold throat. ((Sylph x (Satin Glass x Frances Fay)) x Arachne)
Sold Out
Double 100% Herrington K 2007 Sev EM 30 5.5 Fragrant. Red orange blend with lighter edge. (sdlg x Dorothy and Toto)
*UNCOMMON VALOR $10 UNCOMMON VALOR 2019..JPG (69596 bytes) Benz 2000 Dor M 36 5.5 Fragrant. Tomato red with pale red watermark and gold edge above green throat. (Sultan's Ruby x Matt) x Angel's Smile)
UNDERNEATH THE ICE $8 Norris-R 2007 Dor M 32 7 Lavender with darker edge above green throat. (Big Apple x Substantial Evidence)
*UNFOLDING PARADOX $10 Hanson-C 2003 Sev ML 26 5 Fragrant. Sculpted Pleated. Violet purple blend with soft orchid watermark above chartreuse throat. ((Omega Supreme x (Tuxedo Moon x Nosferatu)) x Masked Emotions)
UNIQUELY DIFFERENT $15 UNIQUELY DIFFERENT 2019.JPG (74762 bytes) Carpenter J 1991 Dor M 25 5.75 Fragrant. Wine purple polychrome with big yellow gold throat.
Norris-R 2008 Sev EM 44 6 Hot orange blend with orange highlights above green throat. (Sherry Lane Carr x Clarification)
VANILLA FLUFF $8 Double Joiner 1988 Dor M 34 6 Very Fragrant. Cream self. (Ivory Cloud x sdlg) AM 1995
HM 1992
IM 1996
LEP 1993
UF Cascade
Huben 2008 Dor M 44 8 Cream self above yellow green throat. (Jerry's Whirligig x Magic of Oz) HM 2013
*VATICAN CITY $10 Moldovan 1996 Sev EM 26 6 Grape purple blend with lemon cream to green throat. (Noble Lord x Francis of Assisi) AM 2007
HM 2003
*VERA BIAGLOW $10 Moldovan 1984 Dor ML 28 6 Rose pink edged silver with lemon green throat. (Houdini x Sinbad Sailor) AM 1993
HM 1989
Emmerich 2009 Dor M 30 6.5 Fragrant. Blood red with soft reddish pink watermark and small pink ivory edge above green throat. (Born to Reign x Reason for Treason)
*VICTORIAN GARDEN OHIO SYMPHONY $10 Brooker G 2010 Sev ML 28 6 Creamy with cranberry layered patterned eye. (sdlg x sdlg)
*VICTORIANA $10 Victoriana.jpg (64928 bytes) Victoriana Scape.jpg (97514 bytes) Culver-B 2007 Sev L 28 5.5 Ruffled salmon pink self with gold edge above orange to green throat. (Marion Campbell x Lady of Lourdes)
*VIOLET SHADOWS $10 Lachman 1988 Dor EM 22 5 Purple plum with lighter watermark and green throat. ((sdlg x Chicago Silver) x Royal Viking) HM 1992
*VIRGINIA B. HANSON $10 Hanson-C 2001 Sev EM 39 EM Cream Ivory self above gold throat. ((Lady Arabella x Terms of Endearment) x Follow Your Heart) HM 2004
*VIVA PINATA $10 Viva Pinata 2012 (Medium).JPG (237960 bytes) Gossard 2007 Sev M 32 7.5 Fragrant. Yellow with blue purple to maroon eye and edge above green throat. (Extra Terrestrial x Raspberry Butterflies)
WALKING HAND IN HAND $8 WALKING HAND IN HAND 2017 (Medium).JPG (286941 bytes) Double 90% Kovach 2005 Dor M 26 5.25 Pink with darker halo above yellow green throat. (Auspicious x Amethyst Art)
*WALTER ON THE WILD SIDE $15 Herrington-T 2009 Sev EM 28 7.1 Red with white watermark above yellow green throat. (Texas Big Red x Lord Effingham)
*WANDERING WINGS $10    :-(   No Photo Gossard 2003 Dor M 42 7 Red with white edge above green throat. (((Spider Man x Swirling Spider) x Samar Star Fire) s Westward Wind)
*WAR DRAGON $10 War Dragon 13. (Small).JPG (121632 bytes) WAR DRAGON 2017 (Medium).JPG (273792 bytes) Culver-B 2002 Sev EM 24 5 Orange red with red eye above yellow to green heart throat.
WATCHYL CHRISTMAS WIDOW $8 Spider Ratio 5.00:1 Kreger 1992 Dor M 25 10 Maroon spider with green throat. (Bright Banner x Kindly Light)
WATCHYL DANCING SPIDER $8 Spider Ratio 6.50:1 Kreger 1994 Dor M 36 13 Orange and gold spider with red eyezone above green throat. (Bright Banner x Kindly Light) HM 2007
WATCHYL DIGITAL SCREAM $8 Spider Ratio 4.00:1 Kreger 2000 Dor M 26 14 Cinnamon pink with darker cinnamon pink chevron band above light yellow green throat. (Watchyl Digital Spider x Primal Scream) (unlikely Primal Scream is the pollen parent as it is a Tetraploid)
*WATCHYL DIGITAL SPIDER $8 Spider Ratio 4.67:1 Kreger 1997 Dor M 25 11 Melon peach and maroon with a gold throat. (sdlg x Tet. Kindly Light) Doubt this is a Tetraploid
*WATUSI WARRIOR $10 WATUSI WARRIOR 16.JPG (78981 bytes) Chambers-Moldovan 2003 Dor M 36 5.5 Dark red above lemon yellow to green throat. (Shaka Zula x Jungle Fever)
UF Spatulate
Gossard 2011 Dor M 36 5 Fragrant. Lavender pink with a lavender bluish purple eyezone and green throat. (Spirit Ring x Heavenly Spider Monkey)
* WEATHERLY $10 Chase 1996 Dor M 30 5.5 Salmon pink blend with gold band and olive green throat. ((sdlg x (Earth Angel x Dance Ballerina Dance)) x (sdlg x (Lahaina x Yuma)))
*WEB OF INTRIGUE $10 Stamile 1999 Ev EE 30 6 Fragrant. Pale orange with etched pattern of lavender and purple above green throat. ((Moonlit Masquerade x Magnificent Rainbow) x (Etched Eyes x Rainbow Eyes)) AM 2007
HM 2003
RWM 2007
ESB 2006
*WEBSTER'S PINCHED PEACH $20 No Photo :-( UF Crispate-Cascade Webster-Cobb-Howard 2012 Sev ML 27 6.62 Peach melon polychome (sdlg x sdlg) 
*WEBSTER'S PINK WONDER $10 UF Crispate Webster-Cobb 2003 Sev M 34 13 Pink self above green throat. ((Bird Bath Pink x sdlg) x (Rob Cobb x sdlg)) Stout 2014, AM 2012, HM 2009
*WEBSTER'S SCARLET BEAUTY $20 No Photo :-( UF Crispate-Cascade-Spatulate Webster-Cobb-Howard  2012 Sev M 26 8.5 Red self.  (sdlg x sdlg)
*WEBSTER'S YELLOW WONDER $20 Webster's Yellow wonder. 2015.JPG (85448 bytes) UF Crispate Webster-Cobb-Howard 2012 Sev M 32 8.25 Yellow self with variable white edge. (sdlg x sdlg)
WELCOME TO OZ $15 Spider Ratio 4.80:1 Herrington-K 2011 Dor M 30 8.75 Fragrant. Lavender rose with a green throat and white midribs on the petals. (Memories of Oz x Christmas in Oz)
*WHAT A DAY FOR A DAYDREAM $10 What a Day for a Daydream 2015 (Medium).JPG (242898 bytes) Rice-JA 2008 Dor M 36 7 Light lavender bitone above yellow throat. (unknown x unknown)
WHAT'S WHAT $8 Whats What.jpg (36596 bytes) Lambert 1985 Dor ML 28 4 Cream brushed blue purple with blue eyezone and green throat. (Uwharries x (Laura Lambert x (lippinzaner x sdlg)))
Korth-P.-.Korth-L 2008 Ev M 33 5 Cream with purple eye and edge above green throat. (Calling All Angels x Inner Destiny)
WHICH WAY JIM $8 Shooter 1992 Dor M 26 5.5 Fragrant. Dark black purple with faint dusted purple eyezone above triangle lemon to green throat. (When I Dream x Grand Masterpiece) HM 2005
*WHISTLER'S SISTER $10 Yost 2002 Dor M 24 5.5 Fragrant. Pale yellow with lemon yellow edge above green throat. (unknown x unknown)
*WHITE SUMMER $10 Church 2004 Dor M 34 5.5 White with gold edge above green throat. ((Silver Ice x Angelus Bluebird) x Early Snow)
WHITE WOW $8 Carpenter J 1995 Dor M 24 6.5 Fragrant. Cream white self with green throat.
WHO'S WHO $8 Lambert 1985 Dor M 28 5 Burgundy self with small yellow green throat. (Borrowed Time x sdlg) x Cordon Bleu)
WICKY WACKY WOO $8 UF Cascade Reeve 2004 Sev M 32 8.5 Light orange self above yellow throat. (Firestorm x Lake Norman Spider)
*WIDOW'S WALK $10 Moldovan 2005 Dor M 38 6 Smoky dahlia purple blen with darker eye and creamy watermark above lime green to palle yellow throat. (Old King Cole x Imperial Wizard)
*WIGGLESWORTH $10 UF Crispate Schwarz-B 2005 Dor M 36 7 Lavender self above green hroat. (Captain Nemo x Twisted Sister) HM 2016
*WILD CHILD $10 UF CrispWILD CHILD 2019.JPG (76915 bytes)ate Salter 2002 Sev M 24 6 Coral with gold edge. ((Untamed Glory x Sdlg) x (Ed Brown x Startle)) HM 2005
WILLIE BELLE $8 UF Crispate Childs-F 1982 Dor M 28 6.5 Pink with purple eyezone and green throat.
WILLY NILLY $8 Saxton 1963 Dor E 38 5 Light yellow with an underlay of pink.
*WINDHAM CRIMSON AVENGER $10 Matzek 2007 Dor M 38 5.5 Crimson red self above yellow green throat. (Ablazing Rimfire x Monte Carlo Red) x Knife's Edge)
*WINDHAM LUSCIOUS LIPS $10 Matzek 2006 Dor M 27 6 Rose red selg above green throat. (Vera Biaglow x Rhythm and Blues)
*WINDHAM TIGER EYE $10 Matzek 2006 Dor M 34 6 Yellow with plum eye. (Fooled Me x Uppermost Edge)
WINTON $8 Joiner 1990 Dor ML 30 6.5 Rust red with darker eyezone and yellow throat. (Savannah Gem x Pat Mercer) HM 1995
WISTERIA $8 Dekerlegand 1991 Ev EM 20 5.75 Lavender self with light yellow edge and chartreuse throat. HM 2018
*WIZARD IN THE SHADOWS $10 Wizard in the Shadows 2012 (Medium).JPG (207233 bytes) Norris-R 2007 Sev M 20 5.25 Yellow self above green throat. (Sherry Lane Carr x Wisest of Wizards)
*WIZARD'S WISH $10 Moldovan 2006 Dor ML 30 5.5 Orchid purple lilac cream bitone with lilac cream watermark above green throat. (Smoky Bandit x When Fortune Smiles)
*WOLF WHISTLE $10 Mason-M. 2000 Dor M 32 5.5 Fragrant. Gold with rose eye band. (Smuggler's Gold x Fooled Me)
WYATT'S CAMEO $8 Lefever 1993 Dor M 24 5 Fragrant. Yellow green with rose halo above green throat. (Slug Buster x (Wild One x Forsyth Hot Lips)) HM 1999
YABBA DABBA DOO $8 Hansen 1993 Sev L 30 10 Medium purple self with large chartreuse throat. AM 2000
HM 1997
ESF 2007
HOS 1997
YANG $8 UF Cascade Mahieu-Burris 2007 Dor M 42 7.5 Deep rose lavender blend with huge lemon watermark above creamy lemon to lime green throat. ((Prague Spring x Capulina) x (Satchmo x Lola Branham)) M
YELLOW MONKEY $8 Spider Ratio 4.80:1 Gossard 2006 Dor M 34 8.,5 Fragrant. Bold bright yellow above small green throat. (Heavenly Free Spirits x Green Inferno)
YIN $8 Spider Ratio 4.00:1 Mahieu-Burris 2007 Dor M 42 7 Velvety black red blend with cream wire picotee above gold to green throat. ((Prague Spring x Capulina) x (Satchmo x Lola Branham)))
YOU ARE MY CANDY GIRL $8 Brooks-BB 2004 Sev ML 36 7.5 Pink sherbet blend above orange throat.
*YOU GLOW GIRL $10 Selman 2004 Dor M 30 6 Fragrant. Hot pink with small dark rose eye and bubbly hooked and knobbed edge above gold green heart throat. (Lady Dancer x Creative Edge) HM 2018
*YUMA $10 (Teeth) Whatley 1979 Dor ML 25 6 Yellow rose blend with yellow throat. (Maja x Kanani) HM 1983
ZADA MAE $8 Double Kropf 1982 Dor M 22 4.5 Light peach self with tiny green throat. (Double Doodah x sdlg)
ZIP BOOM BAH $8 Dickerson 1997 Dor EM 28 6 Pink with a red eyezone and green throat. (Queen of Diamonds x Arachnophobia HM 2005
*ZOLA'S PINK NIGHTGOWN $10 Zola's Pink Nightgown 2011 (Small).JPG (131956 bytes) Webster-L 2003 Dor E 41 6 Fragrant. Pink blend with light pink ruffled edge above green to chartreuse throat. (sdlg x sdlg)
UF Crispate
Roberts-N. 2002 Sev M 31 7 Dark wine red self above green throat. HM 2007
.................................. ...................................... ................... ................................................................................................... ......................................


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Nova Scotia Daylilies