Nova Scotia Daylilies 

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* indicates plant is Tetraploid

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Year of Registration

Foliage Habit


Height of Scape  Size of flower Description

AHS Awards Received

*LADIES NIGHT OUT $15 ladies night out.JPG (67524 bytes) Norris $ 2010 Sev E 42 5 Medium purple self above green yellow throat. (Belle of Ashwood x Mary's Baby)
*LADY BANDIT $10 Culver B 2004 Dor EM 30 5 Fragrant. Cream white bright clear pink eye with gold edge above green throat. HM 2011
*LADY KHAN $10 Moldovan 2001 Dor M 30 6.5 Fragrant. Grayed rose purple blend with lighter creamy orchid watermark and platinum and gold edge above green yellow throat. (Salem Witch x Ida's Magic)
LAKE NORMAN SPIDER $8 UF Crispate Carpenter K 1981 Dor M 28 8 Fragrant. Rose pink blend with cream green eyezone and green throat. HM 1984
JC 1981
*LANA ISHEE $10 Hardy Evergreen Townsend-J 1999 Ev M 24 6 Orange with green midribs above green throat. (Midribs look cream to me, not green)
LAND OF COTTON $8 Double Joiner 1991 Sev M 30 6 Fragrant. Cream self with green throat. (Vanilla Fluff x sdlg)
Larry Mackle $10 Goldner n/r
LATE SUMMER FLING $8 Krupien 1998 Dor VL 54 4.5 Yellow and pink blend with yellow throat.
*LAUGHING GIRAFFE $10 Laughing Giraffe (Medium).jpg (226845 bytes)   Schwarz B   1997 Dor M 35 8 Red and gold bicolor (sdlg x Tet Spindazle) HM 2003
Davisson J 2003 Sev M 30 8 Purple with radiating chartreuse midribs and throat. (Monster × sdlg)  
Hardy Evergreen
Stamile 1999 Ev EM 36 9 Fragrant. Lavender with chartreuse watermark above chartreuse yellow appliquéd throat. (Star of India x Tet. Green Widow)
LAVENDER BLUE BABY $8 Carpenter J 1996 Dor EM 28 5.5 Fragrant. Lavender blue with lavender blue eyezone and green throat. Stout 2007, AM 2004, HM 2001, DCS 2007, LEP 2003
LAVENDER CRINKLES $8 Apps 2005 Dor M 27 5 Fragrant. Lavender self above yellow throat. (My Sweet Rose x Lavender Stardust)
LAVENDER HANDLEBARS $8 lavender handlebars24.jpg (144028 bytes) UF Crispate Roberts N 1994 Ev E 36 8.5 Lavender spider variant self with yellow green throat. HM 2002
*LAVENDER HEARTHROB $10 Stamile 2002 Dor EE 22 7 Fragrant. Lavender with gold edge above green throat. (Magic Amethyst x Debussy) HM 2007
*LAVENDER LIGHT $10 Lavender Light13 (Small).JPG (152193 bytes) Lavender Light scape13 (Small).JPG (127227 bytes)

UF Crispate

Webster 1984 Dor M 24 8 Fragrant. Orchid lavender self with large green throat. (Purple Arachne x Tet. Persian Patern)
*LEAH ABBOT $10 Webster 1991 Dor M 24 5.5 Fragrant. Rose pink self with green throat.

UF Crispate

Reinke J 1998 Sev M 38 7 Fragrant. Creamy white with lavender pink edgeand green yellow throat. (Give Me Eight x Give Me Eight) HM 2002
*LEGENDARY ROMANCE $10   Korth 2009 Ev M 28 5.25 Coral with rose red eye and rose edge above green throat. (Dan Mahony × Mount Herman Marvel)  
LEMON LIME SWIRL $8 Lemon Lime Swirl13 (Medium).JPG (217089 bytes) Spider Ratio 4.20:1 Herrington K 2006 Sev ML 36 8 Lemon yellow self above green throat.
LICORICE TWIST $8 LICORICE TWIST 2017 (Medium).JPG (278562 bytes) Spider Ratio 4.40:1 Roberts N 2005 Sev M 36 7 Purple self above green throat. HM 2010
*LIGHT FORBES $10   Trimmer J 2004 Ev EM 30 7.5 Orange with red eye above yellow throat. (Pumpkin Prince x Crocodile Smile)  
Emmerich K 2002 Sev M 24 5.75 Soft yellow blend with rose pink eye and edge above olive throat. (Wisest of Wizards × Jenny Kissed Me) HM 2007
UF Crispate
Gossard 2007 Dor M 35 7.5 White flower with large white edge above green throat. (Heavenly Angel Ice × Heavenly Flight of Angels)
LILAC COCKATOO $8 UF Spatulate Mahieu 2003 Dor ML 40 7 Pastel lilac blend above pastel lemon white to chartreuse throat. (Lilac Dream x (Trahlyta x Asterisk))  
*LINDA SPOONER $10 Culver 2008 Dor ML 32 5 Peach pink with slight gold edge above large vivid green throat. (Marion Campbell × sdlg)  
LITTLE BOSS MAN $8 Herrington T 2004 Dor M 20 2.87 Saffron yellow with round light cocoa brown eye above yellow green throat. ((sdlg x Mary Ethel Anderson) x Baby Boomers Baby)
LITTLE GOLD NUGGET $8 Little Gold Nugget.13 (Medium).JPG (217000 bytes) Herrington T 2005 Dor EM 12 2.87 Bright gold self above tiny green throat. (Texas Sunlight × Just For Breakfast)
Winnefred E
HM 2011
AM 2016
Donn Fischer Memorial Award 2011
LITTLE LEMON TWIST $10 UF Crispate Cochenour  2009 Dor M 32 3.5 Yellow self. (Itsy Bitsy Spider × sdlg) AM 2017
HM 2013 
Annie T. Giles 2017
ESB 2019
LITTLE ROSY CLOUD $8 Winniford E Sev E 22 3.5 Orchid pink self with green throat. HM 2015
Sculpted Pleated
Hanson C 2004 Sev EM 43 8 Red self above green throat. (Rock Lobster x Red Skeletons)
*LONG TALL SALLY $10 Spider Ratio 4.13:1 Trimmer 1996 Dor EM 38 14 Fragrant. Red self with yellow green throat. (Spider Man x Tet. Spindazzle) HM 2004
HOS 2007
Sold Out
longshot 2019.JPG (74685 bytes) UF Crispate Aucoin 2005 Ev (Hardy) E 28 8 Light yellow with purple eye above green throat. (So Many Stars x Soul of Fire)
*LOOK INTO MY EYES $10 Valente 2000 Sev ML 35 7 Burgundy with yellow to cream charcoal eye and gold edge above lime green throat. (old King Cole x Shaka Zulu)
*LORD TRICKSTER $10 Culver-B 2005 Sev ML 33 6 Orange gold with velvety wine purple eye above green throat.
UF Cascade
Bachman D 2003 Sev EM 33 7 Red with cream yellow halo above green throat. (Ribbons and Curls × Lavender Handlebars)
*LOVE INTEREST $10 Culver-B 2006 Sev ML 28 5.5 Fragrant. Ruffled lavender pink self above vivid green throat. (Ben Adams x Quick Results)





24 5 Pastel yellow blend with green throat. (Exaltation × sdlg)  
LOVELY PINK LADY $8 Lovely Pink Lady.jpg (Medium).JPG (187005 bytes) LOVELY PINK LADY 2018 (Medium).JPG (213244 bytes)
UF Cascade
Harris JN 2002 Sev EM 24 7 Soft pink with darker eye and edge above chartreuse throat. (unknown x unknown) HM 2006
$10 Slanec T 2007 Dor ML 30 5.5 Crimson cream bitone with darker crimson edge above yellow throat. (Divine Comedy × Lord of Illusions)
LUCKY TWIST $8 UF Crispate Roberts N 2006 Dor M 36 5 Pale yellow self above lime green throat.
LULLABY BABY $8 Spalding-W. 1975 Sev EM 19 (taller here) 3.5 Fragrant. Light pink with green throat. AM 1983
HM 1980
Lenington 1988
ATG 1982
*LULLABY OF BIRDLAND $10 Moldovan-Woodhall 2009 Sev M 48 8 Dark Purple with darker band above green throat. (Art Gallery Quilling x Royal Celebration)



Branch CE




26 6.25 Light pink and buff with faint rose eyezone above lime green throat. (Sophisticated Miss × Fairy Tale Pink)
*MABOU $10
Sold Out
Mason-M 2003 Dor ML 30 6 Rose purple with orchid watermark and wire gold edge above very green throat. (Gothic Window x Seminole Wind) AM 2010
HM 2008
UF Cascade





46 7 Rosy purple spider with deep purple eyezone and chartreuse throat. HM 2011
MADE IN DIXIE $8 Joiner J 1994 Sev ML 28 8 Yellow rose blend with green throat. (sdlg × Jan's Twister)
*MADELINE MACARTNEY $10 MADELINE MACARTNEY 2017 (Medium).JPG (254702 bytes) Kinnebrew-J 2004 Sev E 28 6 Coral blend with copper eye and ruffled edge above yellow throat. (Spacecoast Starburst x Ever Delightful)
Sold Out
Brooker 2006 Dor M 30 6 Near white to creamy yellow with slightly darker golden shark tooth edge. (Forestlake Ragamuffin x (Tet Helena Louisa x sdlg))
*MAMA'S CHERRY PIE $10 Shooter F 1998 Sev M 26 6 Cherry red with flesh and yellow edges above slightly deeper red eye. (Whooperee x Elizabeth Salter) HM 2004
*MANGO CHUTNEY $10 Mason M 2006 Dor M 26 6 Pastel apricot with strawberry halo and bubbly orange edge above gold green throat. (Summer Blush × Sherry Lane Carr) HM 2010
MARIETTA MOMENTO Shooter 1996 Ev (Hardy) ML 32 5 Cream flushed pink blend with very green throat. HM 2007
MARIETTA POLKADOT $8 Shooter 2004 Dor M 26 5 Fragrant. Creamy yellow with red halo and edge above green throat. (Wyatt's Cameo x sdlg)
*MARK ALAN CARPENTER $10 Hardy Evergreen here Carpenter J 2003 Ev M 22 7 Fragrant. Bronze orange blend above green throat. (August Morn x Tet. Texas Whopper Stopper) AM 2009
*MARQUE MOON $10 Marque Moon Aug 11.JPG (61744 bytes) Trimmer 1998 Dor ML 24 5.25 Fragrant. White with gold edge and green throat. (Admiral's Braid x Enchanted April)
*MARY'S GOLD $10 McDonell-H 1984 Dor M 34 6.5 Brilliant golden orange Self with green throat. AM 1991
HM 1988
Lenington 2005
PC: 2001
*MARMALADE SKIES $8 Trimmer 1994 Sev M 23 5 Fragrant. Peach amber with rose halo above green throat. (sdlg x (sdlg x Tet. Elsie Spalding)) HM 2001
Spider 5.00:1
Bachman 2002 Sev L 57 9 Dark red maroon with chartreuse midribs above chartreuse throat. [Stoplight × (Pretty Late × Big Ross)] HM 2005
Eugene S. Foster Award 2009
*MASKED EMOTIONS $10 Hanson C 2002 Sev EM 44 6 Gray lavender with violet eye above green throat. (((Twilight Swan × Ming Porcelain) × (High Lama × Ming Porcelain)] × Tupac Amaru)
*MASON'S MARK $10 Moldovan 2001 Dor E 36 5.5 Cream with deep violet purple eye above green throat. (Always Afternoon × Tet. Siloam Gumdrop)  
MAUDE PEACOCK $8 Lambert J 1975 Ev M 36 6 Violet bitone with light orchid halo and large green throat. (Hood College × Closer Look)  
MAUDE'S VALENTINE $8 Shooter 1992 Dor M 32 5 Fragrant. Light cream pink with lavender pink midribs and blue lavender to magenta halo above very large green throat. (Painter's Touch x sdlg)  
MAYA CHA CHA $8 UF Crispate Roberts-N 2006 Dor M 30 5.25 Red orange self above green yellow throat.
MAYMONT DOUBLE $8 Double Larch 1991 Dor M 32 6.5 Creamy lemon self with creamy lemon throat.
*MEADOWLARK MEMORIES $10 MEADOWLARK MEMORIES 2019.JPG (72007 bytes) UF Spatulate Cochenour 2007 Sev ML 39 9 Red with light red eye above large yellow throat. (Thais x unknown)
UF Crispate
Slow increaser, excellent plant.

Burkey C




45 7 Mauve lavender blend with green throat.  

UF Spatulate

Higgins LA 2004 Dor EM 32 6.5 Red with lighter eye above light yellow to chartreuse throat. (Cameroon Night x Swirling Spider)
Sold Out
Norris 2007 Sev M 34 6 Lavender pink self. ((Elizabeth's Dream x Enchanted April) x Great White) HM 2011
MEMORIES OF OZ $8 Spider Ratio 4.17:1 Herrington K 2001 Dor M 40 9 Pink with darker eye above green throat. (Magic of Oz x sdlg) HM 2005, HOS 2008
MERINGUE MIRAGE $8 Double 100% Apps 1999 Dor M 33 5.25 Cream and yellow orange blend above green yellow throat. (Siloam Double Classic x Frances Joiner) HM 2004
*MEXICAN SUNRISE $10 Whatley 1995 Dor M 25 5.5 Matte rose and yellow blend with a ruffled yellow edge and a triangular yellow throat with streaks going up onto the midribs. (Jumble Edge x Sligo)
Sold Out
Stamile 2000 Ev EM 30 6 White with gold edge above green throat. (Great White x Platinum and Gold) HM 2006
MICO $8 Joiner 1968 (Dormant here) M 44 10 Gold self with green gld throat. ((Garden Sprite x Multnomah) x (Lemon Peel x sdlg)
*MIDNIGHT IN MOSCOW $10 Moldovan 2007 Sev M 28 5.5 Maroon purple with darker eye above green throat. [(Truly Awesome × Grand Marshal) × sdlg]
*MIGHTY CHESTNUT $10 Blaney 1994 Dor ML 30 5.5 Chestnut brown with bold burgundy eyezone above orange throat. (Chicago Apache x Black Eyed Susan)
MILADY GREENSLEEVES $8 Lambert 1978 Dor M 32 7 Fragrant. Green tipped pink and green bicolor with green throat. (Alli Sheldon x Laur Lambert)
*MILDRED BROOKER $10 Brooker M 2001 Sev M 31 6.5 Rose red self above green throat. (Collectors Choice x Creative Edge) HM 2008
MINI PEARL $8 Foliage is glossy.
Jablonski 1982 Dor EM 16 3 Blush pink self with green lemon throat. HM 2001
FS  2000
MISS JESSIE $8 Spider Ratio 4.00:1 Hardy 1956 Dor M 40 Orchid mauve and light yellow bicolor. ((Dorothea x Su-lin) x sdlg) HM 1958
MISS UNDERESTIMATED $15 Oakes 2011 Dor M 28 4.5 Mulberry petals with darker veins, cream midrib and violet band, sepals are cream with a mulberry edge. (Mad Max x Ra Hansen)
MISTY MOONLIGHT $8 Double Kropf 1992 Dor M 26 5 Dark yellow self with yellow green throat.
MOM AND ME $20 MOM AND ME..JPG (64002 bytes) Mom and Me 2015 (1).JPG (72777 bytes)

Double 100%

Herrington T 2012 Dor M 30 4.75 Fragrant. Yellow with pink edge. (Strawberry Cream Cupcake x Double Donnie)
*MOMENTUM $10 Olson E 1996 Dor M 30 6 Tawny rose bitone with slightly darker eyezone and green throat. (((sdlg x Dance Ballerina Dance) x Heavenly Crown) x ((sdlg x Dancing Shiva) x Red Fancy ))
MONKEY HIPS $8 UF Spatulate Bachman 2003 Dor L 58 7.5 Golden yellow self above green yellow throat. (Red Ribbons x (Coburg Fright Wig x Spider Miracle)) HM 2008
MONOCACY SUMMER MIST $10 MONOCACY SUMMER MIST 2017 (Medium).JPG (245856 bytes) UF Cascade Reed 2006 Dor M 42 7 Fragrant. Yellow with stippled rose eye above very green throat. (unknown x Lola Branham) HM 2015
*MOOD SWING $10 Mood Swing0824 (Medium).jpg (191147 bytes) Selman 2008 Dor M 30 6 Fragrant. Yellow polychrome with ruffled edge above huge yellow to green throat.  ((Splendid Touch x Ferengi Gold)  (With This Ring x Fernengi Gold))
*MOONLIT MASQUERADE $10 Salter 1992 Sev EM 26 5.5 Cream with dark purple eyezone above green throat. Stout 2004, AM 2002, HM 1999, JC 1992
*MORNING THUNDER $10 Becker-Schaben 2007 Dor M 41 6 Blue pink with violet purple eye and edge with shite shark teeth above rich green throat. ((sdlg x (sdlg x sdlg)) x Magic Amethyst)

Shooter E




35 6.5 Lavender with blue lavender watermark and purple veins and cream yellow midrib and edge above extreme green throat. (Stack the Deck × sdlg)  
*MOSES' FIRE $10 Double 95% Joiner 1998 Dor M 22 6 Red self with gold edge and green throat. (sdlg x sdlg) AM 2005
HM 2001
IM 2008
*MOUNT HERMAN TREASURE $10 Carpenter J 2003 Ev (Hardy) EM 29 6.5 Fragrant. Ho gold above green throat. (Bill Norris x sdlg)
*MOVING ALL OVER $10 UF Crispate Stamile 2001 Dor EE 30 11 Fragrant. Purple self above deep green throat. ((Star of India x Tet. Green Widow) x (Star of India x Tet. Green Widow))
Sold Out
Mr Obvious 2012 (Medium).JPG (213765 bytes) Mr Obvious scape13 (Medium).JPG (376828 bytes)
UF Crispate
Gossard 2008 Dor M 43 9.4 Fragrant, Cream pink self above small light cream green throat. (((Swallow Tail Kite × Forbidden Games) × Webster's Pink Wonder) × (Tet. Dallas Star × Webster's Pink Wonder)) 
MS MARY'S PICK $8 Miller D 2011 Ev (Hardy) EM 24 2.87 Brilliant orange with bright yellow gold sepal above a green throat. (Cupid's Heart x Calypso Green)
UF Spatulate
Bachman 2003 Sev M 44 9 Rose red with yellow halo above chartreuse throat. (Rope Dancer x Serge Rigaud) HM 2007
MYSTIC JELLYFISH $8 Spider Ratio 5.17:1
Polymerous 50%
Gossard 2006 Dor M 35 10.5 Rusty orange with darker maroon eye above yellow orange throat. (Beware the Wizard x Shirley Temple Curls)
MYSTICAL ENCHANTRESS $8 Spider Ratio 4.80:1 Burkey 2001 Dor M 40 9.5 Crimson bitone with faintly darker halo above yellow throat. (Starman's Delight × Starman's Fantasy)  
...................................... ...................................... ................... ............................................................................. ......................................


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Nova Scotia Daylilies