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Spring 2019 Daylily Availability List

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* indicates plant is Tetraploid

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Year of Registration

Foliage Habit


Height of Scape  Size of flower Description

AHS Awards Received






36 6.5 Near white self with green throat. (sdlg Catherine Woodbery)  
RAIN FOREST DENIZEN $8 Rain forest Denizen (Medium).jpg (176963 bytes) UF Crispate Mahieu B 2003 Sev ML 32 7.5 Pale taupe overlaid violet bitone with layered violet blue edged deep violet band above neon lemon to lime throat. (Trahlyta Yellow Angel)





21 6.75 Cream with charcoal to gray to lavender eyezone above green throat. (Always Afternoon Tet. Priscilla's Rainbow)  
RAINBOW MAKER $15 RAINBOW MAKER 16 (2) (Medium).JPG (252970 bytes)
UF Cascade
Gossard 2011 Dor M 38 9.5 Fragrant. Maroon pink with a patterned magenta eyezone above a very green throat. (((Heavenly Pink Butterfly x ((Joseph's Coat x (Elfin Etching x Spirited Style))) x (Kaleidoscope Effect x Smoke Scream))) x Magic Maker x (Smoke Scream x Morphin Time)))
RAINBOW SERPENT $10 UF Crispate Roberts N 2005 Sev M 56 5.5 Red violet bicolor above green throat.
*RAINBOW TOWERS $10 Schwarz B 1999 Dor M 64 8 Gold self above gold throat. (August Bright Tet. Scorpio) HM 2006
*RAMMING SPEED $15 Norris R 2009 Dor ML 30 5.75 Mahogany red bicolor with yellow white edge above green throat. (sdlg Momentum)
*RASPBERRY WINTER $10 Raspberry Winter,. (Medium).jpg (145032 bytes) Trimmer 1999 Dor EM 28 4 Pale pink with red eye above green throat. (Summer Blush Tet. Dragons Eye) HM  2004
RAZZMATAZZ $10 Beldon 1986 Dor M 26 5 Grape red blend with green throat. ((sdlg x Barbarossa) x sldg)
*REACH FOR THE HEAVENS $10 Reach for the Heavens (Medium).JPG (220170 bytes) UF Crispate Gossard 2006 Dor M 68 8.5 Fragrant. Golden yellow self. (Big Bird's Friend x Where Eagles Soar)
*RED PEACEMAKER $10 Carr 1997 Dor M 28 4.5 Dark garnet red with a white edge and green throat. (Midnight Magic x Angel's Smile)
*RED RIGHT RETURNING $10 Mason M 2002 Dor M 36 4.5 Scarlet red self above yellow green throat. (sdlg sdlg)  
*RED ROCK SUNRISE $10 Mason M 2007 Sev ML 29 5.25 Bright coral red with deeper red eye above gold to green throat. (Unforgettable Fire Best Behavior)
RED RUM $8 Pittard 1974 Sev M 15 4 Rusty red self with yellow throat.

AM 1982
HM 1979
Lenington 1984
ATG 1979
FS 1978


*RED VOLUNTEER $10 Red Volunteer2011 (Medium).JPG (245360 bytes) Very difficult to capture the glow from this flower with a camera. Oakes 1984 Dor M 30 7 Clear candle red self with gold yellow throat. AM 1994
HM 1989
Lenington 2004
RETURN TO OZ $8 UF Crispate Herrington K 2000 Dor M 35 8 Rose tangerine blend with rose cinnamon eye above vivid green throat. (Magic of Oz (Hey Bud Red Ribbons)) HM 2012
AM 2015
Reuther's Brown Spider $8     Not Registered            
RIC AND TEE $10 Double 95% Netherton 2005 Ev M 26 5 Pink with lavender halo above green throat. (unknown unknown)  
RINGS AND THINGS $8 UF Crispate Warrell 1995 Dor M 28 6 Fragrant. Rose pink and coral bitone with coral halo and chartreuse throat. ((Becky Sharp x Yellow Ribbon) x Becky Sharp x Asiatic Pheasant)) HM 2005
RIOT ON THE KINDERGARTEN BUS $10 Riot on the Kindergarden Bus 2015 (Medium).JPG (496249 bytes) UF Crispate Davisson J 2007 Sev EM 20 3 Bright gold self above green throat. (Small Wonder Dash Dash)  HM 2012
AM 2016
Annie T. Giles Award 2013
RIP'S POWER $15 Rips Power 2012 (Medium).JPG (212261 bytes)
UF Cascade
Ripley 2009 Sev EM 28 8.5 Rich deep gold self. (Jan's Twister Let It Rip)
*RIVENDELL TWILIGHT $10   Korth 2006 Sev M 31 5 Fragrant. Mauve with lavender purple eye and purple edge above green throat. (Delaware Doosy Dawn in L'Orien)  
ROARING JELLYFISH $8   Reed 2003 Dor M 38 6.5 Raspberry rose pink self above yellow to green throat.  
One of my favorite plants
Stamile 2002 Dor EM 27 4.75 Cream with plum violet eye and edge above green throat. (Inner Destiny Francois Verhaert) HM
*ROCKET CITY $10 ROCKET CITY. (Medium).JPG (170355 bytes) Hardy 1967 Dor EM 36 Bittersweet Orange with Burnt Orange eyezone. (Crestwood Gold x sdlg) HM 1970
Sold Out
Spider 6.30:1





20 4 Light yellow self. HM 2010
RODIN'S SCULPTURE $10 UF Crispate Reinke J 2007 Dor M 28 10.5 Fragrant. Gold self above deep green throat. (Mynelle's Starfish x Gold Eledphant)
Sold Out
Rognvaldur (Medium).jpg (254386 bytes) Mahieu B 2003 Dor ML 70 6.5 Smoky violet with purple chevron band above creamy lemon to lime green throat. [(H. citrina Rosy Lights) Persian Pattern]
*ROGUE $10 Mason M 1997 Sev ML 26 5.5 Rose pink with a light yellow edge above a green throat. [sdlg (sdlg Tet. Siloam Virginia Henson)]  

Shooter E




46 7 Light yellow bicolor above light green heart throat.  
*ROLLING STONE $15 Rolling Stone13 (Medium).JPG (208893 bytes)  Korth 2009 Dor EM 28 6 Reddish purple with fine gold edge above green throat. (Upon This Rock Joan Derifield)  
*RON DUNN $19 Ron Dunn multi (Medium).jpg (333442 bytes) UF Crispate Webster 1996 Dor M 28 9   Reddish purple self with greenish throat. (Red Suspenders sdlg)
Sold Out
Double 95% Mason-M 2006 Dor M 18 5 Fragrant. Root beer cream blend above gold throat. (Layers of Gold x Paradox)

ROSE CORSAGE (Medium).jpg (155898 bytes)






21 5 Rose with great rose throat. (((Killer Forever Red) Ricochet) Tet. Siloam Double Classic)  
ROSE TO THE OCCASION $15 Rose to the Occasion13 (Medium).JPG (240449 bytes) UF Spatulate Cochenour 2007 Dor M 31 6   Rose pink with dark rose stippling and cream watermark above green throat. (Jocelyn's Oddity Loch Ness Monster)
ROSEMARY WHITACRE $8  UF Crispate Roberts N 1999 Sev M 50 9.5 Light lavender with purple eyezone above green throat. (Rosy Lights Lavender Handlebars) HM 2004
Rice-JA 2010 Dor L 40 6 Cream with rose gold edge. (unknown sdlg x unknown sdlg)
*ROY LIKES EM OT $10 Holmes S 2006 Dor M 32 7 Red orange with red eye and ruffled wire edge. (sdlg sdlg)
*ROYAL CELEBRATION $10 Royal Celebration09 (Medium).jpg (274274 bytes) Spider Ratio 4.29:1 Trimmer 1999 Ev EM 38 12 Grape purple self above green throat. (Cameroon Night Long Tall Sally) HM 2004
ROYAL FLYCATCHER $8 UF Chrispate Mahieu  2003 Dor ML 48 6.5 Fragrant. Coppery red with blue glaze and velvety oxblood band above cadmium yellow to olive throat. (Challenger (Mont Blanc Blood Stream))
ROYAL VINTAGE $15 UF Crispate Warrell 2010 Dor ML 30 7 Dark red with lavender watermark above yellow green throat. (sdlg Cold Cold Heart)  
*RUBY GRANDEUR  $10   Norris R 2007 Dor ML 32 5.25 Ruby red self above green throat. (Ruby Regalia sdlg)  
*RUBY SPDER $10 UF Spatulate Stamile 1991 Dor E 34 9 Ruby red spider self with yellow throat. (Velvet Widow x Tet. Open Hearth) AM 2002
HM 1999
Lenington 2011
L/W 2002
PC 2004
RUFFLED VINTAGE BURGUNDY $8 Krupien 1992 Dor M 30 3.5 Dark burgundy with slightly darker burgundy eyezone above green throat. (Siloam Virginia Henson Trahlyta)  


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