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Spring 2019 Daylily Availability List

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* indicates plant is Tetraploid

Price per Double Fan

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Year of Registration

Foliage Habit


Height of Scape  Size of flower Description

AHS Awards Received

*I CAN ONLY IMAGINE $15 Ripley 2011 Dor EM 39 6.5 Diamond dusted, medium blush purple, with lighter bluish purple watermark eye continuing into green throat, double edge starting with bluish purple, ending with silver metallic filigree picotee edge. (Enduring Freedom x Magic Lake)  
IDOO VOODOO $15 Idoo Voodoo13 (Small).JPG (202728 bytes) UF Crispate Cochenour 2005 Sev ML 36 6.5 Purple with dark purple eye above yellow throat, heavily coiled petals and sepals. (Yabba Dabba Doo x Trahlyta) HM 2013
IGOR $10
Sold Out
UF Crispate Stamile 2000 Ev E 44 10 Fragrant. Cream with purple eye above green throat. (((True Grit x Admiral's Braid) x (unknown x Song Without Words)) x (Tet. Mountain Top Experience)  
IKTOMI $8 Spider Ratio 7.20:1 Roberts N 1998 Sev L 32 5 Wine red self with yellow throat. (Capulina x Black Plush) HM 2006
*ILANA HOPE $10 Mason M 2007 Sev M 28 5 Bright coral rose pink with pale coral watermark above avocado green throat. (Old Field Coral Bisque Ferengi Gold)  
Spider Ratio 4.00:1
Herrington T 2009 Dor M 24 4.5 Chocolate red with burgundy eye above yellow throat. (Nutmeg Elf x sdlg)  

Dougherty H




24 4.5 Orange gold self with a green throat  







28 5 Pink blend with gold edge and olive green throat. (Victorian Collar America's Most Wanted) HM 2001
*INSTANT CELEBRATION $10   Korth-P-Korth-L 2006 Sev EM 33 5 Cream with dark purple eye and edge above green throat. (Celebration of Angels x Rapid Eye Movement)  
Sold Out
Emmerich 2006 Dor M 24 6 Fragrant. Reddish purple with silvery lavender watermark and edge above yellow to green throat. (Forbidden Desires x Born to Reign)  
ITSY BITSY SPIDER $8 UF Crispate Bishop H 1990 Dor E 35 3.5 Lemon yellow spider self with green throat. (Mignon x Suzie Wong) AM  2017
HM 2014
ESB 2015
*JADE PRINCESS $10 Culver B 2002 Dor M 28 6 Pink self above big green throat. HM 2008
JAMES RIVER ROSE $8 Reed M 2005 Dor ML 45 6 Bright rose pink self above cream yellow throat.  
*JANET BENNETT $10   Yost 2003 Dor M 28 6 Fragrant. Cadmium red self above green yellow throat. (unknown x unknown)  
JAN'S TWISTER $8 Jan's Twister.13 (Medium).JPG (292234 bytes) UF Crispate Joiner-J 1991 Ev EM 28 11.5 Peach spider self with green throat. (Jean Wise x Kindly Light) AM 1997
HM 1994
Lenington 2003
L/W 2000
JEAN $8 UF Crispate McDade-
1943 Dor VL 38 n/a ORM/0M3: Orange red medium petals with orange medium sepals bicolor. AM 1951
JELLYFISH JEALOUSY $8 UF Cascade Reed 1995 Dor EM 24 7 Pale cream with violet feathered eyezone and large green throat. (Persian Pattern sdlg) HM 2003
*JOAN HOOD $10   Norris-R 2004 Sev M 30 4.5 Clear peach with bright purple eye and edge above green heart to orange throat. (sdlg x Flight of the Raven)  
JOAN SENIOR $8   Durio 1977 Ev EM 25 6 Near white self with lime green throat. (Loving Memories x Little Infant) AM 1984
HM 1981
Lenington 1990
*JOHN GALT $10 Hanson 2005 Sev M 46 5 Deep violet purple self. (Garden of Gethsemane Taken By Storm)  
JOHN R. PIKE $10 UF Crispate-Spatulate Polymerous 80% Doorakian 2004 Dor M 32 6.5 Lavender yellow green blend above yellow green throat. (sdlg sdlg)  
JOURNEY TO OZ $10 Spider Ratio 4.19:1 Herrington K 2001 Dor EM 41 7 Rose red blend with wine red eye above green throat. (Magic of Oz x Red Ribbons) HM 2004
JUNGLE FOWL $8 Spider 4.40:1 Mahieu 2003 Dor M 43 7 Flesh pink with light purple chevron eye above lemon chartreuse throat. [(Orchid Corsage . citrina) Tennessee Flycatcher)]

Harwood B




30 5 Burgundy with yellow cream halo, lavender rose eyezone, and edged white above green throat. (Damascan Velver Decatur Luminaria)  
KAREN'S CURLS $8 UF Cascade Reinke 1997 Dor M 31 7 Fragrant. Lavender and cream bitone with a green throat. (Miss Jessie x Rosy Lights) HM 2001
*KATHY RENWALD $15 Kathy Renwald13 (2) (Small).JPG (144835 bytes)   Kent J 2011 Sev E 28 5.75 Vibrant orange red with green throat. ((Trogon x Chinese New Year) x Divine Madness)  
*KEEP THE FAITH $15 Keep the Faith 2015 (Medium).JPG (284120 bytes)   Emmerich 2009 Dor M 26 6 Fragrant. Pale pink apricot with pale red eye and edge above yellow to green throat. ((Light of the World x Dragons Eye) x Only Believe x Eyes On the Prize))  
*KENORA WILDFIRE $15   Culver-B 2008 Dor ML 34 5 Bright red with lighter watermark above bright green throat.  
KERMIT'S SCREAM $10 Kermit's Scream.09 (Medium).jpg (208768 bytes)   Norris R 2006 Dor EM 25 6 Red self ((Lights of Detroit x When I Dream) x (Lights of Detroit x When I Dream)) HM 2009



Spider 7.70:1





28 10 GYL1: Green yellow light self HM 1955
Harris Olson Spider Award 1989

UF Cascade





37 7 Rosy purple with darker eyezone and huge chartreuse throat. (Willie Belle Lola Branham) HM 2002
*KRAKATOA LAVA $10   Morton 1989 Dor ML 36 5.5 Fragrant. Orange blend with red orange halo above gold throat. (Mauna Loa x Spellbinder) HM 1999
UF Cascade
Weitz 2008 Dor M 30 9 Light apricot self above wide gold green throat. (unknown unknown)  
Sold Out
KRYPOTONITE (Medium).JPG (221318 bytes) KRYPTONITE SCAPE (Medium).JPG (250970 bytes) Polston 2011 Sev M 36 6 Fragrant. Cream with a triangular rose eye above a green throat. (Bob Faulkner x sdlg) HM 2016
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Nova Scotia Daylilies