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Spring 2019 Daylily Availability List

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* indicates plant is Tetraploid

per DF

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Year of Registration

Foliage Habit


Height of Scape  Size of flower Description

AHS Awards Received

CABALLERO $8 Stout A 1941 Ev EM 40 n/a ORM/YOM3: Orange red medium petals with yellow orange medium bicolor. AM
CALICO PRINT $15 Double Kropt FA 1992 Dor M 30 5.5 Dark red and cream blend with chartreuse throat.  
Herrington 2010 Dor M 27 3.5 Fragrant, Lavender and white bicolor with white sepals, white edge, green throat. (Mr Toad's Wild Ride Gizmo)  
*CANADIAN DIAMONDS $15 Lorrain/Lycett 2008 Dor M 36 6 Very Fragrant. Cream with yellow edge above yellow green throat. ((Arctic Snow x (Moon Vespers x Tet. Gentle Shepherd)) x Arctic Snow x Moon Vespers) x (Dunedin x Admiral's Braid)))
*CANDLELIGHT and CABERNET $10 Mason M 2000 Sev ML 36 5.5 Rose burgundy with gold edge above green throat. (Court Magician x Techny Peach Lace)
CANDY CANE DREAMS $8 Murphy J 2005 Dor M 34 6 Red with yellow midrib and wide cream edge above yellow throat. (Unidentified Flying Object Murphy's Law) HM 2009
CAPTAIN AMERICA $15 Spider Ratio 5.50:1, UF Cascade Gossard 2009 Dor M 44 7.5 Dark red self above green throat. (Royal Curls Heavenly Spider Monkey)  
CARMINE IBIS $10 UFo Crispate Mahieu B 2003 Dor M 58 6 Carmine violet orange blend with purplish carmine halo above glowing light orange throat. [(Capulina Lola Branham) sdlg]
CARPENTER SHAVINGS $8 Double Kroft FA 1976 Dor M 21 4 Reddish mahogany with darker eyezone and deep yellow throat . HM 1979
*CARRICK WILDON $10   Goldner AH 1987 Dor ML 34 7.5 Yellow red spider variant blend with orange tips and yellow throat. HM
*CAST YOUR CROWN $15 Korth 2009 Dor ML 27 5 Red with gold toothy edge above green throat. (Forestlake Ragamuffin sdlg)
*CASTLE CHARLEMAGNE $10 Moldovan 1999 Dor EM 32 5.5 Mulberry magenta blend above yellow to lime green throat. (MESSIAH NOBLE LORD)








28 5.5 Peach cinnamon self with small green throat.

Moore G




28 4.4 Salmon pink with lavender rose eyezone above radiating lime green throat. (SILOAM BO PEEP WILL RETURN) HM 2012
AM 2015
Reed M 2005 Dor ML 45 7 Dark purple self above yellow green throat. HM 2009
Sold Out
Hanson 2006 Sev M 33 6 Strawberry pink blend with almond watermark above green chartreuse throat. (Joan Derifield Enchanting Esmerelda)  
*CELESTIAL RADIANCE $15 CELESTIAL RADIANCE 2017 (Medium).JPG (197428 bytes)   Korth 2009 Dor ML 28 6 Yellow with gold edge above green throat. (Celestial Army Michael Miller)  





32 7 Medium blue orchid self with green star throat. [FAMILY PORTRAIT (Born Yesterday Laura Lambert)] HM 2007
Spider Ratio 6.25:1
Roberts N 2003 Sev EM 32 6 Burgundy wine with lavender edge above yellow throat. HM 2012
*CHANGING COLORS $10 Changing Colors3-13 (Medium).JPG (302435 bytes) Holmes M 2007 Dor M 26 5 Red purple cream bitone with red purple edge. (sdlg Old King Cole)  

Shooter E




26 4.25 Light pink and cream bitone with multiple banded eyezone above a chartreuse to green throat. HM 2006
CHATEAU LAFITE $8 UFo Crispate Lambert J 1976 Dor EM 28 6 Burgundy self with yellow green throat. (SACHERTORTE CORDON BLEU) HM
*CHEROKEE PASS $10   Roderick E 1996 Dor ML 32 5.5 Gold with red eyezone and red petal edges above a green throat. (COUNCIL FIRE Tigerling) HM, AM

Kirchhoff D




28 5.75 Orange with red eyezone above gold throat. [(sdlg Dance Ballerina Dance) Yuma] HM 1995
CHEVRON STITCHES $20 McCutcheon 2010 Sev M 36 5.5 Lavender with a purple eye with white chevron pattern in eyezone. (unknown unknown)  
CHEYENNE EYES $8 Spider Ratio 4.15:1 Roberts N 2002 Sev EM 29 8 Lavender with darker eye above lavender throat.
Sold Out
Polymerous 80% Roberts-N. 2002 Sev M 44 6 Dark red purple with black eye above yellow green throat HM 2010
CHOKECHERRY MOUNTAIN $8 UF Crispate-Spatulate Roberts N 2002 Sev M 34 8 Dark wine red with dark purple eye above green throat.  
*CLARA BRADSHAW $15 Culver-B 2012 Dor ML 36 5.5 Polychrome blend of melon pink with a heavy gold edge. (Victoria Park x Joy to the World)
CLASSY STYLE $8 Joiner 1987 Sev EM 24 3.5

Rose light pink self with light green throat. (sdlg x Lullaby Baby)

Sold Out
Sellers 2000 Ev M 26 5.5 Raspberry purple with large pale raspberry watermark with thin white band above whie to green throat. (sdlg x Tet. Morning Mood) HM 2004
CLOUD FOREST $8 UF Crispate Mahieu 2003 Sev M 40 5.5 Pale ivory blushed pink polychrome with lavender cast above neon lemon lime throat. (Flutterbye x Belladonna Starfish)
*CLOWN IN A GOWN $15 Holmes M 2009 Sev M 32 5.5 Pink with light red eye and gold teeth edge. (Creative Edge John Peat)  
COBBS HILL JESTER $15   Zettek 2012 Dor M 28 3.5 Ruffled salmon red with red eye and yellow sepals, yellow to green throat with yellow midribs ((Penny's Worth x Bumblebee's Bouquet) x Frans Hals)  
COBBS HILL SPARKLER $8 Cobbs Hill Sparkler (Medium).JPG (208659 bytes)   Zettek 2004 Dor E 13 2.5 Ruffled lemon yellow with pink tint above yellow throat. (Petite One x Penny's Worth)  
COBURG FRIGHT WIG $8 UF Crispate Brockington 1990 Dor EM 33 7.5 Maroon over yellow spider with maroon eyezone and yellow throat. (Persian Pattern x Lilly dache) HM 2007
CONCORDE NELSON $8 CONCORD NELSON.St Louis (Large).JPG (466218 bytes) UF Crispate





29 7 Lavender pink blend with light yellow throat. (Wilson Spider Lake Norman Spider) HM 2007
*CONNIE ABEL $8 Doorakian G 2002 Dor M 30 5.5 Tangerine with tangerine edge with hooks and knobs above green throat. (Party Queen Mary Collier Fisher)  
*CONSTANTINOPLE $10   Moldovan 2005 Sev M 34 6 Cherry red blend with creamy rose pink edge above green yellow throat. [(Noble Lady Ida's Magic) Casco Bay Delight]  
*CONTINUOUS BEAUTY $8 Herr 2005 Dor M 26 5.5 Fr. Rose with red eye and edge above yellow to green throat. (Strawberry Candy Strawberry Lace)  
*COOLER BY THE LAKE $15   Korth-P-J-Korth-L 2007 Dor M 34 6 Purple with light lavender watermark and white edge above green throat. (sdlg x August Wedding)  
*CORAL MAJORITY $10 Norris R 2004 Dor L 33 4.5 Coral orange blend. (SOUTH SEAS Apache War Dance) HM 2008
CORAL SPIDER $8 Spider Ratio 4.16:1 Reinke 1998 Dor M 39 7.5 Light coral with creamy gold ribbing and gold throat.
*COREY TIPPLE $20 Cory Tripple norris 2012 (Medium).JPG (417113 bytes)   Norris-R 2010 Dor EM 34 5.5 Red with yellow edge above green throat. ((Ruffled Royalty x Thunder and Lightning) x Maxfield Parrish)
*COURAGE TO CHANGE $10 Moldovan 2005 Dor M 36 5.5 Lilac purple blend with gray violet cream patterned eye above creamy lime green throat. [(Old King Cole Friar's Lantern) Mason's Mark]  

Munson RW




26 5 Purple with chalky lilac eyezone and yellow green throat. [(Asian Emperor Benchmark) Royal Saracen] HM, AM
COYOTE LAUGHS $8 UF Crispate Roberts N 1998 Sev M 30 6 Lavender blend with purple eyezone. (Wenceslas Square x Prague Spring)  
CRAWDAD $8 Spider Ratio 5.33:1 Cochenour 2002 Dor EM 32 7 Dark orange with red purple eye above yellow throat. (Coral crab x Non's Garnet Spider)  
*CRAZY CRANE $10 UF Crispate Stamile 2002 Ev M 31 10 Red self above gold throat. (Skinny Dipping x Web Browser)  
*CREATION REJOICES $15   Emmerich 2007 Dor ML 26 6 Fragrant. Pink with soft red eye and edge trimmed in ivory above yellow to green throat. (Mardi Gras Ball x Secret of Contrntment)  
Spider Ratio 4.0:1
Reed M 1999 Dor M 34 7 Purple with white midrib and white cream lemon throat. HM 2004
AM 2009
*CREEPY CRAWLER $10 This daylily does NOT lean.   The name is a  reference to the teeth.  Teeth were unusual in 1973. Hite 1973 Do EM 30 6 Fragrant. Golden yellow self with chartreuse throat. (Mary Todd x Golden Surrey) HM 1978
*CRIMSON NINJA $15 Gossard 2009 Dor ML 30 8 Crimson red self above green throat. (Tet. Holly Dancer Tet. Fly Catcher)  
*CROCODILE SMILE $10 Trimmer D 1996 Sev EM 36 8 Mulberry and ivory bicolor with yellow green throat. (Anastasia Tet. Spindazzle)  
CROOKED HOUSE $8 UF Crispate Burkey 2003 Sev N 40 7 Golden yellow with blood red band above yellow into green throat. (Mico x Fol de Rol)
*CROWD APPEAL $10 Crowd Appeal,,. (Medium).jpg (207412 bytes)   Santa Lucia 2003 Dor M 40 4.5 Bright rose shrimp with slightly darker heart eye and apricot and green throat. (sdlg x sdlg)
Sold Out
CRYSTALINE ENTITY.14 (Medium).JPG (228169 bytes) CRYSTALINE ENTITY SCAPE (Medium).JPG (352212 bytes)
UF Cascade
Reed 2003 Dor M 36 8 Light pink with rose pink eye above green throat. HM 2009
CULTURE VULTURE $15 Spider Ratio 4.25:1 Ball L 2010 Dor M 40 6.5 Fragrant. Muted gray pink lavender with burgundy purple eye above yellow to green throat. ((Trahlyta x Fol De Rol) x (Trahlayta x Fol De Rol))
UF Crispate
Couturier G 2000 Ev M 35 7 Fragrant. Light buff orange polychrome with medium brownish orange eye above golden yellow throat. (Dallas Star x Rainbow Spangles)  
.....*CYN................................. ...................................... ................... ............................................................................. ......................................

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Nova Scotia Daylilies