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Spring 2019 Daylily Availability List

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* indicates plant is Tetraploid

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Year of Registration

Foliage Habit


Height of Scape  Size of flower Description

AHS Awards Received

UF Crispate
Herrington 2010 Dor M 32 3.5 Brick red self above a yellow throat. (Incy Wincy Spider Nutmeg Elf)  
BAGDAD $8 Stout A 1953 Dor M 36 n/a ORM2-S: Orange red medium with spot or eyezone.
*BAHAMA MAMA $8 See AHS Database for photo
Herrington K 2001 Sev EM 28 5.75 Magenta mauve with lighter watemark and raspberry band with gold edge above green throat.
*BALI WATERCOLOR $10 Bali Watercolor 2015 (Medium).JPG (264958 bytes) BALI WATERCOLOR 16 (Medium).jpg (335888 bytes)
Spider Ratio
Stamile P 2002 Ev M 35 9 Lavender with silvery watermark above green throat. (Lavender Arrowhead ROYAL CELEBRATION) HM, Harris Olson Spider Award 2009
*BAMA BELLE $8 Webster 1993 Sev M 26 7 Cream pink blend. (ELOISE CAMP sdlg)  
UF Crispate
Roberts N 1994 Sev M 35 8.5 Yellow with faint rose halo above green throat. (Rosy Lights PAT THORNTON)  
*BANDITO ROJO $10 Santa Lucia 2000 Dor M 28 6.5 Red with wide darker red band above a lighter band above yellow with green heart throat. (sdlg x Tet. Vegas Lights) HM 2007
BANTAM OF THE OPERA $15 BANTAM OF THE OPERA 16 (1) (Medium).JPG (272675 bytes) BANTAM OF THE OPERA 16 (2) (Medium).JPG (348287 bytes)
UF Crispate
Cochenour 2012 Dor ML 29 4.75 Near black with large yellow green throat. (The Mouse That Roared x Brer Rabbit,s Baby)
*BARBARA FRUM $8 Lorrain/Lycett 1996 Dor ML 31 6 Burgundy purple blend with wine pink watermark and chartreuse throat. (ROYAL STRUT Michelle Reid)  
*BARBARA JANE $10 Rood T 2002 Sev ML 34 5 Deep rose with dark burgundy eye above yellow green throat. (Enchanted Empress Strawberry Candy
*BARBARA WHITE $10 Culver B 2007 Sev EM 30 6 Ruffled clear pink self above large green throat. (Dunedin Jade Princess) HM 2013
*BARNEY $10 Benz 2005 Dor M 34 6 Purple self above green throat  
*BATTLE OF JERICHO $10 Emmerich 2007 Dor M 28 5 Grape purple with dark purple eye and edge trimmed in white above green throat. (((sdlg Fortune's Dearest) Tet. Lavender Blue Baby] Lifting Me Higher)  





29 7 Medium silvery orchid lavender bitone with washed deep magenta purple eye above chartreuse green throat.  





24 5.5 Lemon self with green throat. (Wynn SPRINGTIME SONATA) HM, AM,
Lenington 1993
*BELIEF IN VEIN $15 Norris R 2007 Dor EM 40 6 Yellow orange with red eye above green throat. (unknown x Momentum)  
*BELLE OF ASHWOOD $10 Norris R 2005 Dor EM 28 5.5 Clear pink with gold bubbled edge above deep green throat. ((Chance Encounter x William Austin Norris) x Pearl Harbor) HM 2008





28 6 Cream self with green throat. (WALKING ON SUNSHINE Alexandra) HM 1998
*BEST OF BOTH WORLDS $15 UF Crispate Limmer 2007 Dor M 30 10 Fragrant. Pink lavender blend above green throat. (sdlg x Webster's Pink Wonder) JC 2007
*BICOLOR PLAYMATE $15   Holmes M 2008 Sev M 30 5.5 Light red cream bicolor with light cream edge above green throat. (Lord of Illusions Momentum)
*BIG BANANA $15 UF Crispate Schwarz B 2009 Dor E 32 9 Cream with light chevrons. (sdlg Crazy Legs)  
*BIG DOLLY $8 Saxton 1989 Dor ML 42 7.5 Creamy flamingo pink bitone with yellow green throat. (Hudson Valley Tet. Catherine Woodbery)  
BIG KISS $8 Double Joiner 1991 Dor M 28 5.5 Light peach with light rose eyezone above light green throat. (DUBLIN ELAINE Frances Joiner) HM 2002 AM 2005
BILL KESSLER $15 Polston 2011 Sev M 30 5.5 Fragrant. Yellow cream with a maroon eye above a green throat. (Bob Faulkner x sdlg)  
*BIMINI TWIST $10 UF Schwarz B 1998 Dor ML 28 4 Intense red self with apple green throat. (Cameroons Rainbow Warrior)  
UF Crispate
Schwarz B 2009 Dor L 45 8 Orange with rouge chevron. (unknown s unknown)
BLACK ARROWHEAD $8 Black Arrowhead0810 (Medium).jpg (231896 bytes) Spider  Ratio 4.11:1 Roberts N 2002 Sev M 34 7.5 Light mauve purple with dark purple eye above green throat. HM 2010
*BLACK TWISTER $10 Spider Ratio 4.00:1 Benz J 2004 Ev M 40 9 Fragrant. Near black self above green throat. (Red Suspenders x Tet. Black Plush)
BLIZZARD BLAST $15 BLIZZARD BLAST2014 (Medium).JPG (316328 bytes) Spider Ratio 4.60:1
UF Cascade
Gossard 2008 Dor M 48 9 Very fragrant.  Creme yellow with white edge. (Heavenly Angel Ice Heavenly Flight of Angels). 
BLUE VENOM $10  blue venom..jpg (272569 bytes)   Shooter E 2001 Sev ML 28 5 Very Fragrant. Wine red with magenta veins and blue lavender eye above chartreuse throat. HM 2006
*BLUEBIRD SKY $10 UF Crispate Stamile 2001 Sev E 34 8.5 Lavender with lettuce green watermark above lettuce green throat. (((STAR OF INDIA Tet. Green Widow) (sdlg Long Stocking)] Tet. CERULEAN SKY)  
*BONEY MARONEY $10 Boney Maroney.jpg (272926 bytes)   Kehl 1994 Sev EM 36 9 Fragrant. Chrome yellow self. (Green Dolphin Street x Tet. Kindly Light) HM 2007
BONIBRAE BLACK MIST $10 Matthie 2008 Dor EM 32 4 Dark smokey purple with almost black eye. (Nutmeg Elf Black Plush)  
UF Crispate
Matthie 2008 Dor M 26 8 Burgundy red with white edge above huge yellow green throat. (Red Ribbons x Mighty Highty Tighty)
BONIBRAE QUEEN OF GREEN $15 Matthie 2010 Dor M 28 6 Narrow form lavender flower, but because of the extreme recurving appears to be almost totally green!     (Diploid spider sdlg. x Substantial Evidence)
$15 Bonibrae the Freak 2015 (Medium).JPG (222822 bytes) UF Crispate  -
Cascade - Spatulate
Matthie 2011 Dor M 35 7 Tan orange petals and sepals with dark green throat. (sdlg x Substantial Evidence)
BONIBRAE WHIRLIGIG $15 UF Spatulate Matthie 2010 Dor M 28 6.5 Champagne to near white with ruffled edge above green throat. ((Bonnibrae Mostly Ghostly x Substantial Evidence) x Heavenly Angel Ice)

UFo Cascade

Mahieu-Burris 2007 Dor EM 32 6.5 Coral mango cadmium yellow polychrome above huge olive green throat. [(Nina Rebmen Rozavel) Heavenly Curls]
*BORDELLO QUEEN $8 Mason M 1998 Dor ML 28 5.75 Pale peach with cranberry eye and gold edge above green throat. (SERENA LADY sdlg) HM 2004
*BRAIDED EDGINGS $10 (reblooms here) Carpenter J 2004 Ev EM 24 5.25 Cream peach with rose eye and edge above green throat. (Wisest of Wizards Unending Melody)  
BRER RABBIT'S BABY $10 UFo Crispate Roberts N 2002 Sev M 30 5 Black red self above green throat. HM, AM 2010
*BRIDGETON FINESSE $10 Apps 2001 Dor EM 34 6 Cream purple blend with purple eye and edge above yellow green throat. (Glacier Bay Bridgeton Bishop) HM
*BRIDGEWATER PINK $10 Netherton 2008 Dor M 26 6.5 Pink with darker pink band and small gold edge above yellow green throat. (My First Gift unknown)
BRONZE COCKERAL $8 UF Crispate Couturier G 1995 Sev M 36 7 Yellow bronze bicolor with faint bronze eyezone and yellow green throat.
*BUDDY'S WILD & WONDERFUL $15 BUDDY'S WILD AND WONDERFUL (Medium).JPG (278808 bytes) BUDDY'S WILD AND WONDERFUL 16 (Medium).JPG (349995 bytes)
UF Crispate
Hall J 2008 Ev EM 32 7 Pink with huge red chevron eye above green throat. (Wild and Wonderful x Wild Wookie)
BUMBLE BOOGIE $15 UF Cascade Kincaid 2009 Sev M 37 6.5 Maroon bitone above green throat. (Jocelyn's Oddity x Dances With Giraffes)
*BUTTER CREAM $10 Whatley  1998 Dor M 28 7 Fragrant. Yellow self with green throat. (Solar Music Tet. JOHN ALLEN).  HM 2005



Stevens D




20 3.5 Lemon self with yellow green throat.
*BUTTERMILK PIE $15 Buttermilk Pie13 (Small).JPG (200493 bytes) Norris R 2012 Sev EM 27 8 (seedling T05-23 x BUTTERCREAM) 


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Nova Scotia Daylilies