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Spring 2017 Daylily Availability List

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* indicates plant is Tetraploid

Price per DF

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Year of Registration

Foliage Habit


Height of Scape  Size of flower Description

AHS Awards Received

*LADY BANDIT $8 Lady Bandit., (Medium).jpg (186393 bytes) Lady Bandit scape 2015 (Medium).JPG (316725 bytes) Culver B 2004 Dor EM 30 5 Fragrant. Cream white bright clear pink eye with gold edge above green throat. HM 2011
*LADY DANCER $8 Rassmussen 1989 Dor M 28 5.5 Rose pink blend edged plum with green gold throat. (sdlg x Holiday Frills)  
*LADY DAY $15 LADY DAY (Small).JPG (62176 bytes) Moldovan 2009 Dor EM 28 6 Pale creamy lavender cream white bicolor with gold ruffled edge. (Ed Brown Chinese Scribe)  
*LAKE EFFECT $8 Stamile 




23 7.25 Mauve purple with a blue gray lavender eyezone and green throat. (Druid's Chant Big Blue) HM
(Superb garden plant)
Selman 2008 Dor M 36 5 Golden yellow with bright red eye and edge above yellow to green throat. (Fooled Me Tet. Dragons Eye)  
*LAUGHING GIRAFFE $8 Laughing Giraffe (Medium).jpg (226845 bytes)   Schwarz B   1997 Dor M 35 8 Red and gold bicolor (sdlg x Tet Spindazle) HM 2003
Davisson J 2003 Sev M 30 8 Purple with radiating chartreuse midribs and throat. (Monster sdlg)  
LAVENDER HANDLEBARS $8 lavender handlebars24.jpg (144028 bytes) UF Crispate Roberts N 1994 Ev E 36 8.5 Lavender spider variant self with yellow green throat. HM 2002
*LAVENDER LINGERIE $15 Lavender Lingerie (Medium).JPG (272616 bytes)   Schwarz B 2009 Dor ML 32 6 Lavender with light chevrons. (unknown x unknown)  
LAVENDER SPIDER $8 Spider Ratio 5.20:1 Harris-Reinke 1990 Dor EM 32 10 Lavender spider self with yellow throat. (Kindly Light x sdlg) HM 1993
*LAVENDER TALLSTACKS $10 Homes M 2007 Sev M 34 6 Lavender with gold picotee edge above green throat. (sdlg sdlg)  
*LEGENDARY ROMANCE $15   Korth 2009 Ev M 28 5.25 Coral with rose red eye and rose edge above green throat. (Dan Mahony Mount Herman Marvel)  
LEMON LAW $8 UF Cascade Murphy J 2006 Dor ML 38 7.5 Lemon self above green throat. (Spider Miracle Sunny Son)  
LEMON LIME SWIRL $10 Lemon Lime Swirl13 (Medium).JPG (217089 bytes) Spider Ratio 4.20:1 Herrington K 2006 Sev ML 36 8 Lemon yellow self above green throat.

Spider Ratio 4.33:1

Joiner J




32 10 Persimmon orange blend and a green throat. HM 2000
LIBERTY AND JUSTICE $8 Spider Ratio 4.17:1 Murphy J 2006 Dor M 48 9 Lavender yellow with dark lavender band above green to yellow throat. (Miss Jessie Possum Pogo)
LICORICE TWIST $8 LICORICE TWIST 2017 (Medium).JPG (278562 bytes) Spider Ratio 4.40:1 Roberts N 2005 Sev M 36 7 Purple self above green throat. HM 2010
*LIGHT FORBES $8   Trimmer J 2004 Ev EM 30 7.5 Orange with red eye above yellow throat. (Pumpkin Prince x Crocodile Smile)  
*LIGHT OF THE WORLD $8 Emmerich K 2002 Sev M 24 5.75 Soft yellow blend with rose pink eye and edge above olive throat. (Wisest of Wizards Jenny Kissed Me) HM 2007
UF Crispate
Gossard 2007 Dor M 35 7.5 White flower with large white edge above green throat. (Heavenly Angel Ice Heavenly Flight of Angels)
LILAC COCKATOO $8 UF Spatulate Mahieu 2003 Dor ML 40 7 Pastel lilac blend above pastel lemon white to chartreuse throat. (Lilac Dream x (Trahlyta x Asterisk))  
LILTING LAVENDER $8 UF Childs F 1973 Dor M 30 8 Fragrant. Lavender self with light green throat. HM 1976
JC 1973
*LINDA SPOONER $12 Culver 2008 Dor ML 32 5 Peach pink with slight gold edge above large vivid green throat. (Marion Campbell sdlg)  
*LINDA SUE LOVES ME $10 UF Crispate Schwarz B 2005 Dor EM 38 8 Red self above green throat. (Captain Nemo x Mephisto Waltz)  
LITTLE GOLD NUGGET $10 Little Gold Nugget.13 (Medium).JPG (217000 bytes) Herrington T 2005 Dor EM 12 2.87 Bright gold self above tiny green throat. (Texas Sunlight Just For Breakfast) HM 2011
AM 2016
Donn Fischer Memorial Award 2011
LITTLE LEMON TWIST $15 UF Crispate Cochenour 2009 Dor M 32 3.5 Yellow self. (Itsy Bitsy Spider sdlg) AM 2017, HM 2013 
Annie T. Giles 2017

Spider Ratio 4.40:1

Couturier G




25 7.5 Silvery lavender spider variant with darker lavender halo above yellow green throat. (LAVINIA LOVE sdlg) HM 2008
Sold Out
UF Crispate Burkey 1991 Dor ML 37 8 Lavender spider blend with green throat. (Grapeade Lilting Lavender) HM 1999 Lambert/Webster 2003
*LONG LEGGED LAP DANCER $10 UF Cascade Hanson 2004 Sev EM 43 8 Red self above green throat. (ROCK LOBSTER Red SKELETONS)  
*LONG LIVE LOVE $10 Hanson C 2006 Sev ML 36 6 Lilac pink with strawberry pink watermark above chartreuse green throat. [(Lotus Pool Mandala) John Cipollina]  
*LONGLESSON COUNTERPOINT $8 Mason M 1998 Sev ML 30 5.5 Lavender orchid with dark purple eyezone and green throat. [(PTARMIGAN sdlg) (Tet. Siloam Virginia Henson sdlg)]
UF Cascade
Bachman D 2003 Sev EM 33 7 Red with cream yellow halo above green throat. (RIBBONS AND CURLS Lavender Handlebars)
LOTSA DOTS $8   Murphy JP 2004 Dor EM 44 5.25 Golden yellow with brownish purple dots above green throat. (unknown x unknown) HM 2009





24 5 Pastel yellow blend with green throat. (Exaltation sdlg)  
LOVELY PINK LADY $8 UF Cascade Harris JN 2002 Sev EM 24 7 Soft pink with darker eye and edge above chartreuse throat. (unknown x unknown) HM 2006
$10 Slanec T 2007 Dor ML 30 5.5 Crimson cream bitone with darker crimson edge above yellow throat. (Divine Comedy Lord of Illusions)



Branch CE




26 6.25 Light pink and buff with faint rose eyezone above lime green throat. (Sophisticated Miss Fairy Tale Pink)
LYNDELL'S IDENTITY CRISIS $8 UF Cascade Tomlinson 2005 Dor EM 40 5 Lavender violet blend with light lavender watermark above yellow to chartreuse throat. (Royal Corduroy Indy Long Legs)  
...................................... ...................................... ................... ............................................................................. ......................................


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Nova Scotia Daylilies