Nova Scotia Daylilies

Spring 2018 Daylily Availability List

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* indicates plant is Tetraploid

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Year of Registration

Foliage Habit


Height of Scape  Size of flower Description

AHS Awards Received

H. Altissima



UF Crispate
Roberts N 1994 Dor EM 40 6 Yellow green blend with green throat. (PINK SUPER SPIDER Spider Miracle) HM 2004
*HARPER'S BAZAAR $15 Moldovan/
2008 Dor M 36 6.5 Rose red with lighter pink watermark and edge. (Mahdi Joan Derifield)  
*HARPIE LADY $15 Harpi Lady.13 (Medium).JPG (267089 bytes) Gossard 2008 Dor M 40 8 Maroon purple yellow bicolor with darker eye. (Friar's Lantern Tet. Rainbow Spangles)
*HATHAWAY COTTAGE $10 Moldovan 2005 Dor M 34 5.5 Pink raspberry with raspberry red eye and edge above green yellow throat. (Cameo Glass (sdlg (sdlg sdlg)))
*HAYFIELD SUNRISE $10 Lorrain H 2007 Dor L 46 5 Pink rose blend above chartreuse green throat. (Uptown Girl [(Femme Osage Copper Dawn) (Mariska Edna Mabel Jean)])  





40 8 Red yellow blend with yellow gold edge above green yellow throat. (STARTLE Tet. Spindazzle) HM 2005
*HEAVENLY DARK MATTER $15 HEAVENLY DARK MATTER (Medium).JPG (239665 bytes) HEAVENLY DARK MATTER MULTI (Medium).JPG (333846 bytes) Gossard R 2008 Dor M 36 7 Fragrant, Butternut yellow with huge purple eye above green throat. (Red Eyed Jack Claws of Moonlight) 
*HEAVENLY DRAGON FIRE $10 UFo Crispate Gossard 2004 Dor M 45 7.5 Orange red self above green throat. (Blazing Lamp Sticks Primal Scream) HM
Polymerous 50%
Gossard D 2008 Dor M 34 6.5 Fragrant. Ruffled mellow yellow self. (Layers of Gold Tet. Jean Swann)
HEAVENLY MR TWISTER $8 Spider 4.80:1 Gossard  2004 Dor M 39 8 Pinkish red with darker eye above green yellow throat. (RINGS AND THINGS Wildest Dreams)  
HEAVENLY PINK BUTTERFLY $10 Gossard 2004 Dor M 49 6 Pink bitone with dark pink eye above green throat. (Royal Butterfly x Malachite Prism)
*HEAVENLY SNOW DRIFT $10 Gossard 2004 Dor M 41 5.5 Near white with rose gold edge above green throat. [Wedding Band (GLITTERING ELEGANCE Angel's Smile)]
Spider 5.00:1
UF Cascade
Gossard 2009 Dor M 48 7.5 Very dark red self above very green throat. (Royal Curls Great Red Dragon)  
Sold Out
UF Cascade Gossard 2006 Dor ML 45 8 Maroon red with darker eye and lighter edge above green throat. (Rings And Things Wildest Dreams)
Sold Out
Gossard 2009 Dor M 51 9 Sun fast blood red above nice green throat. (sldg x Megatron) Stout Medal 2017
AM 2015 
HM 2012
XLD 2014
*HEIDI HUGS $25 Heidi Hugs.13 (Medium).JPG (248123 bytes) HEIDI HUGS SCAPE (Medium).JPG (248220 bytes) Norris R 2012 Sev M 39 6 Pink blend with a rich purple eye and edge above a green throat. (Martina Verhaert x sdlg T01-36)

UF Crispate





28 8 Burgundy self with green throat. (OPEN HEARTH Laura Lambert)  
*HEMSTITCHED $8 Hemstiched (Medium).jpg (188129 bytes) Santa Lucia 1997 Dor M 28 4.5 Yellow beige with a purple eyezone and edges above a yellow to green throat.
*HENRY OF HINGHAM $10 Holmes M 2006 Dor M 26 5.75 Clear light yellow with darker trimmed edge above green throat. (Trevi Fountain x sdlg)
HER BEST BLOOMERS $8 Her Best Bloomer,s (Medium).jpg (182475 bytes) Herr D 2001 Dor M 28 4 Fuchsia red with red eye above yellow to green throat. (WOODSIDE FIRE DANCE Dragons Eye) HM, AM 2010
HEY BUD $8 Hey Bud scapes 2015 (Medium).JPG (310245 bytes) Herrington H 1992 Dor M 26 5.5 Deep tan and red blend with apple green throat.
UF Cascade
Kincaid 2009 Dor EM 36 11 Golden yellow with dark maroon chevrons above light green throat. (Calico Spider Marked by Lydia)
*HIP TO BE SQUARE $10 Polymerous 60% Norris 2007 Dor EM 28 5 Cream yellow pink polychrome above green throat. (Bill Norris Ed Brown)  
UF Crispate
Schwarz 2004 Dor M 39 7.5 Lavender self above green throat. (Riddle Me This Wiggles Worth)  
*HOPI JEWEL $12 Selman 2007 Sev M 30 6 Bright rose with darker band above yellow to green throat. (sdlg Rose Masterpiece)
*HOTEL PARADISO $10 UF Crispate Schwarz G 2003 Dor L 32 8 Golden yellow with red eye above olive throat. ((sdlg x Heavenly Crown) x King George)
HOW HIGH THE MOON $15 Ball L 2010 Dor ML 48 5.75 Fragrant. White self above green throat. ((Irish Linen x sdlg) x (So Lovely x Lilting Lavender))
*HOW LOVELY YOU ARE $12 Rice J 2006 Sev ML 30 5.5 Light pink with pink edge above green throat. (Have a Nice Day Baby Blanket) HM 2012
HUBBLES BUDDY $10 UF Crispate Roberts N 2002 Sev ML 43 9 Light purple red self above green throat. HM 2009
*HUGH TWO $10 Marshall-Earl 2003 Dor M 46 8 Peach with rose eye above green yellow throat. (sdlg sdlg)
HUMBLE CRY $8 Shooter J 2004 Sev M 26 5 Cream with rose dusting and tan edge above green heart throat. (Autumn Wood Marietta Momento)  


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Nova Scotia Daylilies