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Spring 2017 Daylily Availability List

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* indicates plant is Tetraploid

Price per DF

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Year of Registration

Foliage Habit


Height of Scape  Size of flower Description

AHS Awards Received

DANCE OF THE FAIRIES $15   Ball L 2009 Dor M 38 5.5 Light pink with rose bush strokes and veined band above yellow green throat. (Wilson Spider x )Lake Norman Spider x sdlg))
Sold Out
UF Cascade Reed 2005 Dor ML 60 8 Gold yellow with rose peach blush eye above green throat. HM 2009
AM 2014
*DANCING ELF $12 DANCING ELF 16 (Medium).jpg (348542 bytes)
UF Crispate
Gossard 2006 Dor M 52 5 Very Fragrant. Lemon yellow self. (Tet. Nutmeg Elg x Tet. Itsy Bitsy Spider)
DANCING WITH ELLEN $20 UF Cascade Church 2010 Dor VL 54 8.5 Yellow self above very green throat. (Orchid Corsage x Lola Branham)
*DANTE'S INFERNO $15   Woodhall 2008 Sev M 32 6.5 Bright red blend above green to light yellow throat. [(Aesop's Fables Candie Dwyer) Mahdi  
DARBY'S MYSTIQUE $8 Spider Ratio 4.80:1 Burkey 1998 Dor M 40 8 Light yellow self with green throat. (Jersey Spider x Archne)  
*DARK SCHEME $15 Dark Scheme (Large).jpg (345505 bytes)   Netherton J 2009 Ev EM 26 3.5 Fragrant. Red black self above green throat. (Hot Scheme x Tet. Just for Breakfast)  
DARK STAR $8 Spider Ratio 5.10:1





32 N/A RVD1: Red violet dark self HM 2008
*DARKSIDE $8   Culver B 1999 Sev M 26 5.5 Plush black purple self above green throat.  
Sold Out


Kinnebrew J




30 7 Lavender blend with gold edge above green throat. (Ida's Magic Spacecoast Starburst) HM 2003
AM 2006
Extra Large Diameter Award  2007
DAVE GULEKE $15 Spider Ratio 5.00:1 Herrington K 2008 Dor M 31 8.5 Fragrant. Orchid lavender blend with edge above green throat. (Journey to Oz x (sdlg x Miss Piggy's Hot Pink))
DAY TRIFFID $15 UF Spatulate Michaels 2009 Sev EM 32 9 Rosy plum with lighter edge over yellow to green throat. [(Miss Jessie Cerulean Star) Pretzel Logic]  
*DEAN COREY $15 Goldner/Pruden 2008 Dor M 40 7 Bright reddish orange yellow above medium green throat. HM 2014
*DECATUR PIECRUST $8 Davidson 1982 Dor M 22 5 Salmon pink self. (Waving Winds x Round Table) HM 1985
DEEP PEARL $20 McCutcheon 2009   M 44 7 Deep pearl maroon lavender self with smoky white watermark above yellow orange fading to green throat (Lots of Laughter x Starman`s Quest  
*DELTA DRAGON Sold Out   Culver B 2004 Dor ML 32 5.5 Orange with red eye and edge above green throat.  
*DENVER SCOTT $8 Denver Scott scape13 (Medium).JPG (315270 bytes) Pickles 2000 Dor EM 28 6 Pale pink with burgundy band above green throat. (Moonlit Masquerade x Tet. Barbara Mitchell) HM 2007

Roberts N




36 8 Blush pink blend with green throat. HM 2002
AM 2006
 Lambert/Webster Award 2012
*DIANE CRAWFORD $15 Culver B 2007 Sev ML 36 5.5 Ruffled watermelon pink above vivid green throat. (Marion Campbell Joan Derifield)  
*DIDDLY DADDY $15 Bachman 2008 Dor M 50 9 Dusty rose with darker rose edge above gold throat. (Coleman Hawkins x (Tet. H. citrina x Hell Hath No Fury))
*DIGITAL IMAGERY $15   Slanec T 2007 Sev M 28 5 Magenta rose with purple band above yellow green throat. [(Old King Cole Friar's Lantern) Tet. Lady Violet Eyes]  
*DISAPPEARING ACT $20 Oakes N 2011 Dor M 27 5.5 Clear cadmium yellow with a cinnamon eyezone, ruffled cinnamon edge and a green heart. (Twist of Lemon x Blue-Eyed Butterfly)
DIVA ON EDGE $10   Ball L 2005 Sev M 39 7 Light cream yellow with wide rose cinnamon edge above yellow throat. (Golliwog x Helaman)
*DIVINE INSPIRATION $10 Spider Ratio 4.57:1 Doorakian 1999 Dor M 34 8 Pink self above green throat. (sdlg x sdlg) JC 1999
DIXIE ROOSTER $8 Spider Ratio 4.50:1 Roberts N 2003 Sev M 35 7.5 Wine purple self above yellow green throat.  
Sold Out
DIZZY MISS LIZZY 16 (Medium).JPG (321910 bytes) UF Cascade Wilkerson 2003 Sev EM 29 6.5 Fragrant. Pink lavender bitone with fuchsia eye above green throat. (Breakfast At Tiffany's x Rainbow Towers) HM 2009
*DOC BRANCH $8 Pickles 1998 Sev M 28 5.5 Cream, apricot blush blend with small green throat. (Something Wonderful Smuggler's Gold) JC 1998
*DON STEVENS $8 Stevens-
1987 Dor M 32 5.75 Yellow with dark red eyezone and yellow green throat. (Black Eyed Susan x Black Eyes Susan)
Double 99%
Gossard D 2008 Dor M 36 6.5 Salmon pink with wine red eye pink yellow wire edge . [(John Kirkland Cardigan Bay) Tet. Double Pompon]  
*DOUBLE FIREFLY $10 Double 90% Netherton J 2006 Sev M 28 6 Fragrant. Orange with orange red halo above yellow throat, (Decature Double Dandy x unknown)  
Double 98%
Polymerous 20%
Gossard  2005 Dor M 22 7.5 Fragrant. Rosy mauve with deeper band above green throat. (Amethyst Art x Wildest Dreams)  
DOUBLE PEACEMAKER $8 Double Kropf 1992 Dor M 25 4.5 Pink and cream blend with yellow throat.  


Miles J




34 6 Salmon pink blend. HM 2016
$8 Double Kroft FA 1982 Dor M 30 4.5 Light yellow with green throat HM 2009
DREAM BLUE $8   Hendricks W 1982 Dor EM 26 5.5 Grape purple with slightly darker eyezone and green throat. (Empire State x Fuchsia Torch) HM 1992
DREAM CATCHER $8  Spider Ratio 6.20:1 Roberts N 1995 Dor ML 36 10 Rose bronze blend with green throat. HM 2003
*DREAM LOVER $8   Benz 2000 Sev M 34 5.5 Very Fragrant. Rose pink self above lime green throat. (Trudy Harris x Tet. Barbara Mitchell)  
DREAM QUEEN $15 Dream Queen 2015 (Medium).JPG (262035 bytes) Spider Ratio 4.57:1 Reinke J 2004 Dor M 42 11 Fragrant. Greenish golden yellow self above green throat. (sdlg x sdlg)  
DROOPY DRAWERS $10 UF Cascade Murphy JP 2005 Dor L 54 8 Fragrant. Red with gold midrib above gold green heart throat. (sdlg x Starman's Fantasy)  
DROP SHADOW $25 DROP SHADOW 16 (Medium).JPG (232540 bytes)   Polston 2010 Dor M 34 5.5 Fragrant. Cream white background with deep purple eye and edge, and a very green throat. (sdlg x Texas Kaleidoscope)  
*DUDLY DAUGHERTY $10 Rice J 2006 Dor EM 28 5 Orange pink blend with gold edge above green throat. (Forestlake Ragamuffin x Enchanted April)
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Nova Scotia Daylilies