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Last updated July 30, 2017


Shipping is over for 2017.
You are welcome to look over the plants on the 2017 listing and start a wish list.
The website for 2018 sales will be published at the end of October.

 2017 plants are listed here!

There are many cultivars listed for 2017 that are new to the listing,
and some are available again after being held back for increase. 
  Some are in very short supply and will sell out quickly.
We grow over 2900 registered cultivars and do not have
enough room (or time) to line them all out each year.  

Thank you for your continued interest in Nova Scotia Daylilies!

'SHAID' (Kincaid 2013)

All proceeds from the sale of this daylily
will be donated to our local animal shelter
(Sheltering Helpless Animals In Distress)
If you are within driving distance of Bridgewater, please consider attending the
annual fundraising yard sale for SHAID held the last Saturday & Sunday of May each year.  
See SHAID 's website for more details.


This past summer was very hot and dry.  The lack of rain broke all records since the 
earliest recordings in the 1800's.

Established plants did not seem to suffer from the drought.
 New plantings were watered from a large pond 
which we were very glad to have the use of.

We have continued to add to our collection each year from hybridizers
whose plants have proven to do well in our gardens.

All newly acquired plants are grown for several years to evaluate their performance in our zone 5 (freeze/thaw) growing conditions. 
After evaluation, ideally, division is done in the spring and summer.  
All plants for sale are grown outside. 

Some plants originating from Southern U.S. states are obtained a few years after release to evaluate their
individual hardiness.  If they prove to have that elusive antifreeze quality, they are kept & added to our inventory listing.
It is interesting to see what works & what doesn't.  Most poor performers are shipped back South to a warmer zone. 
Some that survive, but do not thrive, are kept to use their pollen in our hybridizing program on a strong Northern pod parent.

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