Nova Scotia Daylilies


Last updated December 19,, 2020


Due to an electronic disaster earlier this year
most of my sales and daylily files 
have vanished.

I have reconstructed some of them during 
this past summer, but they are still incomplete.

Shipping this past spring was a nightmare. 
Parcels sitting on trucks in vast parking lots,
sometimes for weeks.
Some going through fine.
Utter chaos for plant shipping.
Not blaming Canada Post,
they did the best they could in an
unprecedented situation. 




The worldwide pandemic has required all
of our lives to be adjusted.

One of my 'adjustments' will be to
not do online website ordering for

We have also been dealing with some 
health issues (not Covid)
and have not had the usual time to
devote to the daylily gardens.

Hopefully by next season, 
things can get back on track.

Please, all stay well
Wear your masks
Continue social distancing
Get your vaccine shot(s) when your turn comes up

Thank you for your continued interest in our daylilies
and I hope to have a new site up for you next year.

Coral & Wayne Kincaid



 An Amazing website of Concrete Sculpture Garden Art in Liverpool, NS

This is  MUST SEE if you are in Nova Scotia and like Garden Art
As much a must see as PEGGY'S COVE!
I take all visitors 'from away' to this place if they have time!

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The gardens of our very good friends, Jim & Mary Netherton, Blakely, Georgia
(note:  The Netherton garden ships only within the USA)

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