Nova Scotia Daylilies


Last updated April 21, 2019


The 2019 listing is online 

There is a new page this year with available plants that have won the
Lenington All-American Award

We spent much our summer weeding, renovating beds 
and watering from water tanks.  
So much fun! 

Another summer with very little rain.  Thank goodness
we have some large obsolete commercial fish tanks 
which we can fill with water from our pond in the spring.  
The pond is overflowing after winter and it doesn't take long 
to fill all three tanks using the gas pump and a fire size hose.

There are a few new listings this year and if
next summer goes well, and our energy doesn't give out,
there should be even more for 2020.  

If you happen to notice typo's or broken links on the pages, 
please let me know.  
It is difficult to proofread one's own work.....

Thank you for your continued interest in Nova Scotia Daylilies!


'SHAID' (Kincaid 2013)

(Strawberry Candy x Celebration of Angels)

$15.00 DF
All proceeds from the sale of this daylily
will be donated to our local animal shelter
(Sheltering Helpless Animals In Distress)
If you are within driving distance of Bridgewater, please consider attending 
the annual fundraising yard sale for SHAID 
held the last Saturday & Sunday of May each year.  
See SHAID 's website for more details on the yard sale..
It is such a pleasure to drop by the Shelter in the fall
to give them your donations!


 An Amazing website of Concrete Sculpture Garden Art in Liverpool, NS

This is  MUST SEE if you are in Nova Scotia and like Garden Art
As much a must see as PEGGY'S COVE!
I now take all visitors from away to this place if they have time!

Links to Favourite Daylily Sites

American Hemerocallis Society Web Page & Video

Charlotte's Daylily Diary

Peace On Earth Daylily Garden 
The gardens of our very good friends, Jim & Mary Netherton, Blakely, Georgia
(note:  The Netherton garden ships only within the USA)

Nova Scotia Daylily Society

Ontario Daylily Society

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